10 Interesting Facts on Moon

Moon is Earth’s Twin
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Looking up in the sky and watching moon shinning gives a sense of relaxation and calmness to all. Watching moon going through its different phases is incredible” Bright-Full moon to partially hidden and others, isn’t? Right form our early age we all start learning about the moon. How does it shine? How moon works etc. Correct?

Well, but there are certain facts on the moon that you may or may not be aware off. Let’s discuss them further:

  1. Moon is referred as Earth’s Twin 

    Moon is Earth’s Twin
    Because of moon’s enormous size and unusual orbit, there are some people who think of the moon as a planet and not our satellite.

2. Has been used as a burial ground

Eugene Shoemaker Last Wish

Technically, the person was not buried as such but the ashes of the Eugene Shoemaker, a NASA scientist were scattered on the surface of the moon as it was his last wish.

3. There is a possibility that it was inhabited once

Moon InhabitantsThere are certain pictures from the surface of the moon which cannot be explained b NASA. Some of them have been reported staying that these might be the pictures of the times when it was inhabited. You never know, there might possibility that long before humans starting visiting moon, there was an advanced race living on the moon.

4. On the moon shadows are darker

shadows on moon

When moon was first visited by astronauts they found that their shadows were much darker there when compared with the shadows of the earth. This has posed difficulty in researching too.

5. Breathing problems can be caused by moon dust

Don't Breathe the Moondus

The chalky debris found on the surface of moon is so fine that it has moved right from the helmet into the astronaut’s nose and caused difficulty in breathing.

6. It is not as fun as it seems playing in the low level gravity of moon

Humping on moon caused great problems for the astronauts

It may appear very exciting to jump over in the low level gravity of moon, but it has caused great problems for the astronauts especially during the initial phases of research as initially astronauts suits used to be very heavy.

7. Like we have Earthquakes, Moon has Moonquakes

Earthquakes, Moonquakes

If you thought, you could be saved form tremors by visiting moon, and then you are wrong as moon has moonquakes of high magnitude up there.

8. Litter has been found on moon too

Litter on Monn

Amazingly, there is lot of trash found on moon as well. Some of the astronauts have left their poo bags as well there.

9. Phases of moon affects sleep patterns

sleep patterns on moon

Sleep patterns of the humans are affected by moon. Some phases help us to rest while others are cause disturbances.

10. Still there is no theory to prove how moon came

how moon came

Till date scientists are to give a solid reason of the existence of the moon. There are many theories but the reality is still a mystery

All these facts were amazing right?







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