25 of the Strangest Dating Sites People Actually Use

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Online Dating has become a pretty common practice in the modern world, in fact, 20% of American adults say they have dabbled in online dating. With the stigma of online dating disappearing, many have turned to using computer algorithms to determine their love lives. There are several sites many people have heard of and used, such as: eharmony.com, plentyoffish.com and okcupid.com; however, with this emerging market there are also several strange, niche, sites that have emerged. below are 56 of these sites, created for their specific demographics – whoever that may be.

I’m sure there are many more that are much stranger than these, but, this is just what I found. I may expand this list later.

  1. Ugly Scmucks – I guess if you have low self esteem, and want someone with equally low self-esteem, this is your place. Or, maybe, use it to prank a friend.

Link: http://www.uglyschmucks.com/

2. Equestrian Cupid – This sites motto says it all “EquestrianCupid is an exclusive community for cowboys and cowgirls and equestrian singles to meet horseback-riding enthusiasts, discover uncharted trails, pursue the country lifestyle, and locate the best riding areas.”

Link: http://www.equestriancupid.com/

3. Purrsonals – Finally a chance at not ending up a lonely cat person, well, at least you won’t be lonely.

Link: http://www.purrsonals.com/

4. Amish Dating – I’m not entirely sure how they will see if anyone is interested in them. If you have a fetish for beards or a lady who can “churn” I’d check it out.

Link: http://www.amishdating.com/

5. Bikerkiss – if the season finale of “Sons of Anarchy” revved your engine, look for your own Jax here. The websites motto is “Two Wheels, Two Hearts, One Road”

Link: https://www.bikerkiss.com/

6. Clown Dating – If your’e one of the few people who actually love clowns maybe this site is for you. It’s all the fun of the fair without the food, rides, prizes or joy. The sites motto is “Everybody loves a clown … let a clown love you” … I guess

Link: http://www.clowndating.com/

7. Darwin Dating – If you have high school maturity and an elitism mentality this is the site for you. They use their own process of natural selection to determine who is attractive enough to be on their site. Their motto is “Sick of dating websites filled with ugly, unattractive, desperate fatsos? We are. Darwin Dating was created exclusively for beautiful, desirable people. Our strict rules and natural selection process ensures all our members have winning looks. Will you make the cut?”

Link: http://www.internetdatingauthority.com/review/darwin-dating-review/

8. DiaperMates – It’s cute to say “we’ve known each other since we were in diapers, and now we are dating” but not when “in diapers” is referring to yesterday. This site is for people with Adult Baby fetishes.

Link: http://diapermates.com/

9. Singles with Food Allergies – The name is pretty self explanatory, this site is for people with food allergies. Having a food allergy is something that a person has to work around, in their everyday life, this site is to help find people who relate and understand the struggle.

Link: http://www.singleswithfoodallergies.com/

10. GlutenfreeSingles – I wonder what these people will talk about on their first dates. This site is for people who are health conscious in the respect that they choose not to consume gluten.

Link: http://www.glutenfreesingles.com/

11. Hot Sauce Passions – this is a strange one to base love off of, I often have to decide if I want the mild or medium buffalo sauce on my wings, This one is probably not tailored for me. This sites motto is, “a social network for people who think food is bland if it’s not spicy enough to make their forehead sweat. If you are the type of person who tries to get a sliver of jalapeno on every nacho, then you have come to the right place. Why risk hearing ‘I don’t like spicy food’ on a first date, when you know that would be a deal breaker”

Link: http://www.hotsaucepassions.com/

12. Mullet Passions – I’m going to be honest, those are two words I never thought I would see next to each other. This website is for those who miss the 90’s and always had a crush on Joe Dirt.

Link: http://www.mulletpassions.com/

13. Sea Captain Date – Do you love the ocean? are you trying to be someone’s first mate? This is the perfect site for you, it caters to those who are looking for a sea captain that can take them around the world on their ship.

Link: http://www.seacaptaindate.com/index.html

14. Salad Match – If you love salad enough to base your connection with another human being on it, this is the site for you to find you “salad soulmate,” this one seems oddly specific.

Link: http://saladmatch.com/

15. FarmersOnly – We’ve all seen the painfully awkward commercials with the talking animals trying to get two people together, and to get them on a farm. I have never thought of myself as “Cityfolk” but, to be honest, I just don’t get it.

Link: http://www.farmersonly.com/

16. STDmatch – This site is like dating in college, except it tells you exactly what you are in for.

Link: http://www.stdmatch.net/

17. TallFriends – This site is to help exclude short genes so giants can pass on their basketball playing genes

Link: https://www.tallfriends.com/


18. NaturistPassions – Get a glimpse at each other’s goods on the first date.

Link: http://www.naturistpassion.com/

19. Women Behind Bars – Live our your “Orange is the New Black” fantasies every conjugal visit. Nothing says “good lady” like serving 5 to 7 years.

Link: https://www.womenbehindbars.com/

20. FurryMate – Furries are a thing and this is where you can find your dream animal

Link: http://furrymate.com/

21. Marry Me Already – This site is for those that may or may not be a little desperate

Link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/marrymealready-com-a-revolution-in-online-dating#/

22. Stache Passions – I’m not sure if the mustache is strictly men or women too?

Link: www.stachepassions.com/


23. I Would Bang You – High school mentality brought to life

Link: www.iwouldbangyou.com/

24. 420 Singles – Do you ever feel like all you do is get high? do you ever feel like marijuana is the basis of your relationship? click the site below

Link: http://420singles.com/

25. Dateskaters – Nothing makes an adult woman or man happier than dating a skater that’s older than 15

Link: http://www.dateskaters.com/