5 Hilarious Posts on Facebook that got them fired from their Job

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Most of the times people get carried away and love to exercise their freedom of speech using the media of social networking. But they forget that doing so not only is their family and friends getting aware of their feeling but also the rest of the world.

Below is the list of people who had forgotten that they had their employers added on their friend list and they wrote something which got them fired. The list is hilarious. You need to go down to read it!

  1. I think she got fired as she was’ Dicking’ Around:

Caitlin Davis got fired from her job when she was cheerleading for the group of New England Patriots. Her picture on Facebook was uploaded and she was noticed standing next to a friend who was dressed in racist terms like phallic and swastics symbols.

1via Business Insider

  1. I think she was fired for conducting a poll

A UK Juror was fired as she asked some help on Facebook. She said, I am unsure of the way I should go, thus I am conducting a poll. She was shown the door by her employer.

2via GIPHY

  1. All I am sure of is she had forgotten that his boss was added in his friend list

If your posts say that you hate your boss to core, then what reaction you are expecting from him, especially when he is in your friend list.

3via Lamebook

  1. Lying Lying Lying!

According to Reddit, one of his users Shylocv was a volunteer firefighter, so he told his boss that he had to go to rescue someone so he was allowed. Someone from his company showed the boss his 5 minute back status that stated”someone you are required to F off from work.” For this he was given Final Warning. But that was not enough. He left again by saying that his house was on fire and he rushed out, but after 30 minutes his wife posts a picture of him enjoying in the kiddie pool.

So he was fired! What do you expect…

4via A.V. Club

  1. That’s being courageous!

One of the Reddit users deathTOimmortals posted on Facebook,” how big of dickhead my boss is……”. And he tagged him. Wasn’t it too blunt? Sure way to get rid of the boss

5via GIPHY

One must always be careful what he or she posts on social media channels. Hope you enjoyed the post!





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