5 unique alarm clocks that will surely you up from your bed!

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We all love to sleep – to some sleep is a luxury and to others it is the most cherished thing. Common problem that we all face is to wake up on time! Is there anyone who still believes in Grandma logic of “Early to bed and Early rise”. We all use an alarm clock to get up in the morning to get ready on time for school, office, meetings or to begin the day to day activities. One thing that would be seen in everyone’s bedroom is an alarm clock. It may be set on your mobile phone or on a separate clock, but alarm is surely there. Some keep on snoozing it or some just switch it off and go back to bed. But do you know there are certain alarm clocks that will Make you Stand Up from your bed!

You are going to simply love this list and surely include one of the below mentioned alarm clocks in your home.

Shape Up Alarm Clock

Ladies, this is surely the ideal gift for your partners who are lazy to get up in the morning. To stop this alarm you would have to lift it up and down around 30 times. I am sure this will surely wake you up and also begin your work out session.

This is available just for $14.13.





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