7 Heroic Dogs that deserves respect for their bravery

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Swansea Jack

One of the bravest dogs, who saved the lives of at least 27 people in almost a decade, across the most dangerous river and docks of Wales, was awarded with honor for his efforts. He received a silver collar by Swansea Council, bravest dog of the year award and also his own statue. British premier football club Swansea FC got inspired from the dog and named their team after him.

Swansea JackMoti

A German Shephard, Moti was awarded Dog of the Year in 2007. It was because he saved a family when an intruder was trying to enter a home. He was far to reach the intruder, so he barked loudly that drew gunman’s attention towards him, which made him to shoot Moti and then run away. And luckily, he was recovered after he took a bullet shot to save the Patel family.


Even after suffering terrible cuts in her paws, Ginny saved the life of an injured cat, which was stuck in a box of broken glass. Not just once, but many times Ginny saved the life of cats, which was clearly visible when 300 cats visited at her memorial to pay homage to Ginny.


Shelby was a dog with high smelling sense, who detected the rising levels of Carbon Monoxide, while the rest of the family was asleep. He nudged them and started barking and whining unless the whole family came outside safely. Each family member was then treated at hospital and hence made a full recovery. Shelby then became 45th Skippy Dog of the year for saving 2 adults and 2 children from CO poisoning.


The Saint Bernard dog was particularly raised for a purpose of search and rescue. Monks, who lived in one of the dangerous and the snowy St. Bernard Pass, bred them for hundreds of years to rescue the lost travelers who buried in snow.

Barry, another Saint Bernard dog who saved lives of 40 people over the period of 12 in early 1800s, was raised for a single purpose, to search and rescue.


Charity that trained Nellie was more proud when Nellie received the Heroic Hearing Dog of the Year Award. A 4 year black Labrador, with his super sharp hearing, detected an intruder and saved the life of her extremely deaf owner.


Marked to be one of the best rescue dogs on the list, Trakr with his Police officer James Symington dug through 30 feet of rocky debris at WTC ‘ground zero’ site and found out the last human survivor of the attack. His bravery was then honored and a dog like him was in demand at every police rescue forces.

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