Can you believe there are animals that are surviving without brains?

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We all need brain to survive, isn’t? But some of the animals are doing more than fine without a brain. You don’t believe me? Read on. Instead of having a brain they have ganglia that is the cluster of nerve cells that aids in directing traffic to the bodies. But most surprisingly, the animals that are listed below do not even have ganglia. So how are they surviving? Let’s find out.

Sea Star

Sea Star does not have brain or Ganglia but they have a sense of sight, smell and touch. The arms of the sea star have the capability to sense everything around it. When one of the arm senses good food around it, it cuts the power going to the other arms and pulls the entire body towards itself so that it can treat its palate.

sea star

Sea Cucumber

Grey matter is not possessed by Sea Cucumbers. Instead of the brain they have clever mechanism for defense. When they are attacked by some species, they can all of a sudden jump at the attacker by flushing out their internal organs and guts. They even posses the ability to eject from their anus some very long sticky tubes to permanently destroy their attacker.

Sea Cucumber


As we all can visualize that jellyfish do not have many internal organs. In place of a brain, they possess a natural net that is a system of nerve cells which are interwoven in the entire body. These animals survive this way only irrespective of their sizes.


Sea Sponge

Sea Sponges do not possess the vital systems that we Humans can’t even think of surviving without. Like Sea Sponge do not have nervous, digestive, circulatory systems. Then how do they survive? They have a bunch of cells that are unassigned and run through the entire body. They become the kind of cells that are needed at any point of time. Can you believe, that without internal organs, Sea Sponges manage to sneeze! When any irritant is detected by them, they inhale some water to contract the entire body and then basically “sneeze “ out the irritant factor. A sneeze of Sea Sponge can last up to 60 minutes! Thank God we have Brains.

Sea Sponge


Coral is well-known for the multi-colored and beautifully textured reefs. When coral dies, it leaves behind the colorful shell in which they were protected. But these minute creatures are not simple but aggressive warrior. When the beds of any two corals grow into one another, the minute polyps sent their tentacles for poisoning and stinging the interlopers. Thus, we cannot go by the size of coral, they are Warriors!


See, these animals are surviving beautifully without brains. Why are we complaining?