Celebrities who came out openly to accept they are GAY, you’ll be shocked to know the list

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The life of celebrities is the toughest! There life seems like an open book. From fans to haters wish to know all the details about them. That’s the reasons most of the celebrities like to stay out of the limelight to safeguard their personal life. But is there anything known as private life for our celebrities? They are always followed by shutter bugs.

Hollywood has accepted the stars with open arms who frankly spoke about their sexual inclinations. But there are some who still fear that being gay can hamper their image. Ellen DeGeneres and Elton John were so open about their sexuality that were are the role models for other celebrities and local people to come out and accept what they are.

But still there are few celebrities who are scared to come out in real life to talk about their sexual preferences. Many a times it is best to keep professional and personal life separate. But how far this can be true is what I doubt.

You will be proud to know about the celebrities who came out in open and talk about their sexuality in open.

Sam Smith

Sam SmithIn the year 2014, the Grammy award winner singer came out proudly and revealed about his past relationship Jonathan Zeizel, a well established model. His fans accepted it and didn’t tarter his image at all.

Jim Parsons

Jim ParsonsJim Parsons is your favorite star of The Big Bang Theory. He was always discreet about his sexual preferences. From the year 2002, Parsons was with his partner and got relieved to say it all during an interview.

Ellen Page

Ellen PageDuring an LGBT youth conference, Ellen Page frankly spoke about her sexuality. Academy award nominee also confessed that she was tired of lying or hiding the fact.

Michael Sam

Michael SamMichael Sam is one of the most popular players of NFL. He had also won the award of football Defensive Player of The Year in his college. He is the first NFL player who came out in open to talk about his sexuality.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick HarrisYou all must be knowing him as Doogie Howser, the role for which he became popular. He came out in the year 2006 to tell his fans that he is a gay. The HIMYM star was accepted well by all his well-wishers. He is now happily married to David Burtka and is blessed with 2 kids.

Matt Bomer

Matt BomerIn the year 2012, American Horror Story star openly talked about his sexuality. He is leading a happily married life with his husband Simon Halls and has 3 kids. It is also being rumored that he lost his role of Superman due to his sexuality.

So, these were the stars who came out openly to talk about their sexual preferences. There is nothing wrong with it!





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