Cheat Codes in your Kitchen you should know

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Who would mind getting extra help in kitchen once I a while. Here, I am not talking about extra pair of hands, but they are also most welcome! Here, I am referring to the cheat codes that can be applied in kitchen and shall make your cooking rather simple and PERFECT. I know Google is just a click away, but make a note of these cheat codes and spare time from that click also.

Keep these print outs in your kitchen and see the MAGIC in your cooking.

  1. To make Marinades super easily!

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  1. when baking gives you a nightmare. Take this chart and you will be a baker


  1. For the ones who believe in slow cooking

  1. To cook grains perfectly each time

  1. To make the perfect cookies with the most accurate ingredients

  1. to store everything under the sun

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  1. when you don’t feel like eating, cook this simple but healthy dinner

  1. To get the ideal pairing for food

  1. when you run out of an ingredient, don’t worry here’s the hack

  1. for that cup of tea that would relax your senses

  1. to convert your cup of coffee into the cup of joy

  1. For the green leafy veges

  1. to spice up the things

  1. Perfect timings for perfect eggs

  1. To know the cuts like an expert

  1. The healthiest swaps every cook should know

  1. for people like you and me with sweet tooth! Istant dessert recipe

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