Food Labels contain the Bizarre food ingredients hidden in them: Bread contain Human Hair

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Who doesn’t love ice-cream! Vanilla, Chocolate, beetle, beaver… yes, yes hang on! The food labels have secrets hidden under them that are enough to scratch your head twice while reading this article!

So much information is contained behind the Food labels. It tells us all – nutritional information, calorie count and ingredients. All this information is critical for the consumers. So, why is all this a secret? Because of the food hat we love and consume daily come from the weird places. For example, bread contains an ingredient that is made from hair of human? Ice-creams contain Beavers. Yucky!

All this and much more! Read below to find out the Bizzare ingredients that you must know so that if you read them next time behind the labels of your favorite food, you know what they mean. Thus, next time you head to supermarket, keep these names with you to cross-check!

  • Beavers are used for flavouring Ice-creams
  • For ice-cream flavoring Castoreum is commonly used
  • This is obtained from the caster sacs of female and male beavers
  • Fish is an Ingredient in your Beer
  • The swim bladder in the fish is used to obtain a gelatin like particle known as Isingglass.
  • To remove all the unwanted solid particles and yeast, it is then added to the unpasteurized and unfiltered beer.
  • Think before you Munch Popcorns Ever Again
  • Diacetyl is known to be an ingredient in butter- flavored popcorn made in microwave. These are known to pose life-threatening problems of the lungs.
  • Rodent Hair in Peanut Butter
  • On an average, in 100 grams of peanut butter, 1 rodent hair is allowed by FDA. How many rodent hairs have you consumed till now.
  • Energy Drinks contains a portion of Bull
  • Taurine is the ingredient used in Energy Drinks; it is helpful to regulate the heartbeat.
  • In the year 1827, it was obtained from the bile of the bull and was named taurine. The name taurine was derived from the Latin word “Taurus” meaning bull.
  • Human Hair is there in Bread
  • Baking Industry uses L-cysteine that is an amino acid used as a dough conditioner
  • This is largely derived from the hair of humans as it forms the cheapest source to get this acid.
  • In Yummy And Fresh Food – A Pinch of Sand is added
  • In Powedered food seasonings and products, Silicon dioxide is used which is a type of chemical that is found in sand. It is utilized as an Anti-caking agent.
  • This agent aids in keeping for food appetizing and fresh.
  • I know you all are surprised and shocked! You all have been consuming these things along with your favorite eatables.