FUN that you can do with DRY ICE!

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You all must have definitely read about Dry ice. It is surely a very useful product. It solves all the purposes that regular ice does and that too without creating a mess of melted ice. Apart from all this, you can even do some fantastic things with dry ice. Know them right here, after watching the video.

Some of the Fun are listed below:

  • With the help of dry ice, you can make it impossible for someone to light a candle in a bowl or glass.
  • You can create” self- inflating” balloons for party
  • How cool will be to create a “Ziploc Popper” that goes bing-bang
  • Even metal coins can be made to scream and shake. You don’t have to wait for next Halloween for all this now.
  • Hover bubbles in the mid air

Isn’t the things mentioned above, really interesting? What are you waiting for? Look at the video below to find out how to do all this.

You just need to take care that you are extra cautious when you do these experiments. Loads of Fun is Guaranteed!

Have a blast and tell me what all you did after watching the video.

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