Get Rid of Hangover easily at Home

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So all night you were partying to Ring in the New Year 2016! Are you prepared for the after effects? I am sure you are not even thinking about them.

But, we are your well wishers. We ll tell you the easiest ways to get rid of them and enjoy the first day of the new year to the fullest without complaining of headaches.

Early morning when you get up and you are down with headache and stomachache and you are puzzled and the word for this is Hangover! Let’s check out what is the reason behind hangover? It is the biological rhythm is being disturbed by the alcohol or the withdrawal of alcohol is the main culprit.

Researchers say that at the time when alcohol distillation takes place, the impurity that is produced in it makes you feel nauseous. It wholesome depends on the sweetness of the alcohol, the more the sweet the alcohol is, maximum impurities will be there. For example, red wine and malt liquors contain higher level of toxicity.

A Basic cause of headache is the dehydration. As we know an alcohol is in diuretic form and then the body adjusts your level of blood after you stopped drinking alcohol.

The best way to avoid the hangover is to avoid drinking. If you drink, the body takes around 8 -24 hours for dehydration. Some ways to avoid the irritating symptoms of a hangover like vomiting, nausea, headache and malaise the very next day. Some quick tips for dehydrating the effect of alcohol are as follows-

  1. Drink other fluids – Always keep in mind that water is not the only solution for dehydrating the body. You can also take the fluids that are rich in electrolytes like soup, sports drink or coconut water etc. it will help to give the potassium and salts that are lost at the time of drinking.

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2. Grease up before you go- the old tale say that , before going for a party always take a spoon of olive oil. If we eat other fatty foods like pizza and all then it gives the same effect. It greases the body intestines and it also takes long time to absorb the alcohol.


  1. Consume sugar while drinking- Studies say that fructose present in the sugar may speed up the metabolism of alcohol, which lowers down of hangover of risk. It should be kept in mind that always take sugar at the time of drinking not prior because metabolism of fructose takes place very quickly.For example – Orange juice.
  1. Fill up the morning after- Next day do your breakfast on time. The electrolytes present in the food will dehydrate the body system and helps in bringing back your calories. If you take a greasy meal before drinking, it will help. It is required that you take food that are easily digestible like cereals, toast etc after drinking. Burning toast is a good example for that because the charred carbon crust helps in filtering out the impurities like carbon filter water.

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  1. Eat ginger- Over the years, ginger is considered to be as the best tool to get out from the feeling of vomiting and nausea. After drinking, crystallized ginger should be taken before sleeping. The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH says that the combo of tangerine pith and ginger helps in get rid out of the nausea feeling.

6. Watch for prickly pear cacatus- After performing some specified test it is observed that taking around 1600 IU of prickly pear before drinking alcohol reduces the risk of hangover nearly about 50%

  1. Go back to bed- Rest is required for the body after drinking, so it is always advised to take a long nap so as to give rest to the body. It will help the body to heal from the hangover.

Hangover is actually very irritating, so do follow these home remedies to get a quick relief from the hangover.

Try one of the above and feel the difference right now!





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