Get Rid of the most common stains the most easy way!

Coffee Stains
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Let me share some hacks to remove the stains easily

  1. Grass stains

Grass stainsHouse Cleaning Central

To get rid of the tricky grass stains, the best way is to rub alcohol. After rubbing, wash the cloth in your favorite detergent as usual and see the magic!

  1. Red wine stains

Red wine stainsRed Wine Stain Removers

Has red wine ruined your favorite clothes? The best way to get rid of these stubborn stains by blot it by rubbing club soda on it and then put some salt crystals. These crystals shall soak up the stain easily. Now, never hesitate drinking the sumptuous red wine fearing the stains.

  1. Oil stains

Oil stainsWikihow

The most difficult stains to get out of clothing are the oil stains. You are advised to immediately blot the spot with a tissue or paper spot. After this, rub white chalk on it so that the grease is out from the fibers and your clothes are intact.

  1. Coffee Stains

Coffee StainsLifehacker

The most common stains that occur are coffee stains. When next time it happens to you, just blot the stain with a cloth and then run cold water on it immediately.

  1. Deodorant stains

Deodorant stainsWikihow

Lift the stains of deodorant with the help of dryer sheets. Soak the cloth then in a solution made from white vinegar and water in the proportion 2:1 and then wash the clothes normally.

  1. Lipstick stains

Lipstick stainsPopSugar

To get off the lipstick stains, just rub alcohol and baby wipes on it.

So, these were the easy ways to get the stains out off!





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