Interesting Facts on Asian Elephants, a must read!

Interesting Facts on Asian Elephants
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Elephants play an important role in Asian countries. They are used to clear tress, facilitate transportation due to their large size. They have very memory and are known for keeping their strong family unity. There are many interesting facts about these long trunk animals that make them unique to all.

  1. Elephant is known for its adaptable nature

Though Asian elephants are one of the endangered species but if their devastation is stopped they have a long future. They survive in tropical forests, in mountainous regions up to 10,000 feet in altitude and in lowland valleys. Their diet is varied and they mostly prefer to stay where humans are not there.


  1. Their Appetite is large

They have very strong molars that can help them bite even a tree bark. It is known that an elephant can eat around 100 ponds daily. That’s quite a lot!

  1. Longest Gestation period

In the animal kingdom, elephants are known to have the longest gestation period. For an average calf to get fully formed, it takes around 20 months with the gestations period ranging up to 22 months. Normally, at one time only 1 calf in born to the female elephant. Typically, 1st calf is born when the female elephant is 14 years of age and generally there is a difference of 4 years between each calf.

Asian Elephants

  1. Obedient child of their mother

It is a known fact that the Asian Elephants are guided by their matriarch. The female elephants that is the oldest and the largest guides everyone in the family. Family units are known by the name of herds and travel together. When they travel together, then they are known as a clan. Also, unless and until the male elephants are 13, they are not a part of this clan; they have to wander alone or with their bachelor’s clan.

Interesting Facts on Asian Elephants

  1. A highly useful trunk

Elephants can easily uproot a tree with their trunk, On the contrary they can even pluck a single strand of grass with the same trunk. A trunk of animal has around 40,000 muscles and moulds itself in a way to help the elephants in their every task.

Asian Elephants

Asian elephants are one of the most fascinating animals. They can also recognize themselves in the mirror. How can one not fall in love with these hefty creatures?