Interesting unknown facts about Home Alone

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Who hasn’t watched the movie Home Alone. I am sure None! But I am sure many of you would not be aware of these unknown facts about your favourite pass time movie.


  1. I am sure all have seen Home Alone couple of times. On 16th November in the year 1990, the movie was released in theaters.
  1. For 12 straight weeks, the movie topped the charts and remained number 1 movie at the box office. Until, April 1991, the movie remained at the top slot. Why not, the baby was soooo cute? Isn’t? The movie earned more than $477million and was played in theaters for a period of 9 months. Therefore, it became the highest earning live-action comedy of all the times.(At least till the time Hangover Part 2 was released)
  1. Originally, there was a dream sequence thought for Home Alone. In the sequence it was planned to show that Kevin McCallister would come back to life and try to kill him. But director of the film Chris Columbus had to cut the above scene planned as there were insufficient funds. For the detailed special effects in the film there was a requirement of $17 million, but the money available was not sufficient. Who would have known earlier that the movie would be loved so much and would earn nearly $500 million?
  1. The popular poster of the movie with Macaulay Culkin screaming has been inspired by the painting of Edvard Munch , “The Scream.”
  1. Little Neros Pizza is a popular play on the pizza-chain Little Caisars that is a real chain of pizzas. In the play Nero plays a Roman Caesar. One of the running gags in the movie is the pizza guy either tripping over a statue or knocking over the same. Truly an incredible scene.
  1. When Daniel Stern was supposed to do bare feet sequence on the stairs of stepping on the tar booby stps and nails, he wore a rubber feet pair to make it look like real bare feet sequence.
  1. The part of Harry was offered to Jon Lovitz and Robert De Niro earlier. But both of them turned it down. I am sure they would have regretted later after seeing the popularity of the movie.
  1. Originally in the script there was some other line but was later improved to “You guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?”. Even in the sequel, the similar line was said by Kevin, “Hey, you guys give up? Have you had enough pain?”
  1. Daniel Stern didn’t scream in reality with tarantula on his face. If he would have screamed like this, then the spider itself would have got scared. Thus, the scream was only mimed and alter dubbed for the real effects.
  1. John Huges had written the part of Kevin McCallister especially for Macaulay Culkin but it was the director Chris Columbus who had taken audition of more than 100 boys to make sure that the Macaulay was the most appropriate choice.