Jennifer Aniston was replaced in Friends in one of the Episodes, Did u Notice?

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Are you a crazy fan of Friends? Have seen all the seasons of your favorite serial? I am sure many would YES. And if there is anyone who is saying no, then I can say you have seriously missed something in life. Never mind, you can watch it now. But the ones who consider themselves to be the fans of Friends, Did they notice that Jennifer Aniston got replaced by a stand-in on one particular episode? Actually, recently a fan brought this into notice.

friends1It was Jordon D’Amico who noticed this and documented this furtive observation on the website RecentlyHeard.

According to him, Jennifer Aniston who plays Rachel Green was replaced in one scene in Season 9 in the episode,” “The One with the Mugging.”

The episode starts with an excited Rachel rushing into Monica’s room to congratulate Joey who had got the opportunity for an audition with the ever popular fictional actor, Leonard Hayes. Soon after this, all the three friends were seen admiring the popular, wrote D’Amico. Matthew LeBlanc who played the role of Joey, sits back to digest the good news, soon after this …..BAM!

The Emmy-winning actress was not seen in the scene in any longer. Instead, a girl with darker hair and wearing some other color tee was standing and giggling besides Joey, where Rachel was supposed to stand.

This is not the first time; a fan has observed an error in their favorite serial. In one of the episodes, Courteney Cox’z stand-in was also left-in accidently.

pic friendsFriends is an extremely popular serial that was aired in September 1994 and continued till May 2004. It spanned over 10 seasons. All the actors that were a part of Friends were Aniston, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, LeBlanc and Cox.

Did you notice Aniston’s Stand-in in the same episode or any other episode? Let us know. I am sure after reading the insight, you would simply want to watch the same episode, to validate the observation made by Jordon D’Amico.





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