Kite Festivals in the USA

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If you have been thinking the rave about the Kite Festival of India, then wait a second to read about the kite festivals that are internationally recognized and take place in the USA.

These festivals attracts towards itself thousands of people every year, if you are among them and are aware of only the most popular ones, then read below to find out that there are many more kite festivals in USA that you imagine.

Top 5 Kite Festivals in the United States of America

Huntington Beach Kite Party

kite pflyingIt starts from early to mid march and happens at Huntington Beach in California. This is one of the most kite flying international festivals alluring kite flying professional from all over the states. The beach area is transformed into a perfect venue with amazing talented flyers displaying their kite flying skills and also there is a general area reserved for public to fly their own kites.

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Blossom Kite Festival

Blossom-Kite-FestivalThis festival takes place at the end of March and is organized in the Washington DC. It is definitely one of the top 5 festivals of kite flying in the world with kite flyers not only from the states but from round the world taking part to demonstrate their skills. Also there are tents where kids are taught how to decorate and make their own kites.

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Kite Fest Louisiane

KiteFestThis festival of kite flying takes place at West Baton Rouge in Louisiana from end of March to early April. The festival attracts approximately 10,000 or more people yearly. There are various programs like indoor kite flying; night kite flying that makes this festival apart from others. It is so magnificent to look at the led lit kites flying in the clear sky. For kids there are many fun events like candy dropping kites to keep them entertained till their parents are occupied flying kites.

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Kids and Kites Festival

kite-festival-kidThe amazing festival of kites starts from early may and is organized at Montrose Harbor in Chicago, Illinois. The festival is widely popular all across. With people from 100 countries come to Illinois to participate in the festival. There are various entertainment programs organized like flying paper kites, crafts of all kinds, face painting, family focused entertainment and various demonstrations by balloon artists. Various kinds of kites are also catered for the enthusiasts ranging from very large kites to sport kites. Free kits for kids to create and design the kites are also made available.

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