Lady Gaga’s 2016 Grammys Dress Is Totally Paying Homage to David Bowie

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One lady who is well-known to make a bold statement with her dress and makeup on Grammy’s red carpet is Lady Gaga. Can you forget the marble egg dress she had worn back in the year 2010? Even this year she was no less, she paid her homage to David Bowie, the great in her own way.lady gaga

She was seen paying tribute to the late great David Bowie by singing the songs from his recent catalogue using the latest technology that has never been seen on TV ever before. So, all eyes were waiting to catch a glimpse of her at the red carpet as all were expecting that even from her outfit she would pay tribute to the Starman. Like, at the Super Bowl this year, her customised red Gucci Pantsuit with the red glittery eye shadow completely rocked her while she sang National Anthem. She even got a David Bowie’s face tattoo on her ribs before Grammys happened. She shared the pictures of her getting her tattoo on Snap chat.

She had posted her video on Instagram account crying displaying her bold blue eye makeup and the emotional connect with the performance at Grammys with the caption “The world loves you David.”

She completely rocked the red carpet at the Grammys with her red amazing hairdo and a n embellished and embroidered navy coat with the cosmic swirling designs. The hairdo was justifying her tribute to the Ziggy Stardust. Marc Jacobs had customizes he jacket for her. Her look was finally completed by the gravity-defying red heels she wore.

Though, in the past she has been seen with some conservative clothing as compared to the months prior. But with this look she completely justified and put a stop to the discussions going on. She is Still the Lady Gaga we all Love and Adore. This is the best way to pay homage to the greatest