Life Hacks to make your life easier in 2016

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Who doesn’t need a dose of special help in doing something that is sometimes out of control? Life hacks is all about of that? If you come to know the ideal way to organize your tic tacs or how to remove hard stains, you don’t mind right.

So, read ahead and find out some of the ways that shall make your life easier in the Year 2016 and the years that follow!

  1. Irritated with the bad odor from clothes? Vodka is the solution


Flickr / Andrew Cheal

To make your clothes also feel fresh, then pop a little vodka on them and see the magic. It will evaporate leaving behind a soothing fragrance.

  1. Did you find peeling potatoes tough? Boiling water can help you


Flickr / banger1977

If that peeler is not comforting you, then STOP using it right away. I have a solution for you. Just pour boiling hot water on potatoes, and then ice cold water, easily you will be able to peel off the skin of potatoes.

  1. Bread is not sliced evenly even after 5 years of marriage, don’t worry now you’ll be able to


Flickr / Roxanna Salceda

Homemade bread has to slice from bottom not from the crusty top as we all do. Thus, just flip the bread upside down and slice the bread like a professional. Try it right away!

  1. Who finds cleaning the blender toughest? Let it clean on it own.


Flickr / Anna
Were you cleaning the jar of your blender by popping the soap and brush in it and then hurting your fingers? You are only required to pour some hot water, a drop of dish wash and run the blender, it will be cleaned automatically. Just rinse the jar couple of times with hot water.
If your jar is in a bad state, just add a drop of vinegar to it. It will be shining like a new one!

5.  To make whipped cream, you do not require a hand-mixer

Wean away the blues of whipping the cream with the help of a hand-mixer. You only require a mason jar and 3 minutes! Take a heavy cream and pour it along with icing sugar. Shake the jar for 3 minutes and the result is your whipping cream.

Bid farewell to your mixer!

So, these were some of the easy life-hacks. If you have something to share with us, please write in comments section.





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