Men Are More Attracted to Women Who Have These 6 Traits

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Humans are genetically modeled to flirt. Flirting results in sex and that leads to reproduction – so that was the idea behind. But what comes before flirting? Before flirting, one must be attracted towards your partner? Isn’t? Men get attracted to the physical traits of a woman, now there are certain traits that attract all men.

Let us go through these traits: –

  1. Large waist-to-hip ratio

1I am sure you must be familiar with the term “child bearing hips”, this means when the hips are noticeably wider than the waist. It results in a hourglass type figure. With a large hip to waist ratio of about 7:10, men definitely notice then women. Also men think of those women carrying his child according to Barnaby J. Disxon.

So, girls if you have a large waist to hip ratio, then consider it as your asset!

  1. Voice with a higher tone

2At the University College of London it was researched that men get attracted towards women who have a higher-pitched voice. The reason behind this is that heavy voice portrays youth and signifies a smaller body. Both these traits are enough to get attracted towards women. Right?

  1. Long and Healthy Hair

3Having long, healthy and luscious hair have always attracted men towards women. It symbolizes femininity. So, women, work towards your hair. Use Grandma tips of oiling once a week. Do not ignore your hair in this hustle bustle of life

  1. Smiling.

4It was found out at the University of British Columbia at Men usually get attracted towards women who have a smiling face. On the other side, it women get attracted to men who have a straight face and do not smile often. Is it the case with you?

  1. Less makeup.

5I understand that makeup enhances the beauty of a woman but if over done overshadow the natural beauty and men get more attracted towards the natural beauty of a woman rather than the fake beauty.

  1. Women who prefer to wear red

6Women who prefer to wear red are preferred more by men. Reverse is also true that women also get attracted towards men who prefer to wear red. Finally we have found something in Common between Men and women!

Hence, these were trait in women that men by far get attracted to.