Roger Federer Fans a Treat for you – his unknown facts

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When you talk about Tennis: you cannot miss talking about Roger Federer. He is a well-known public figure and always a hot topic on the Internet or while group of Tennis lovers talking. But something’s are always hidden, his personal likes. Let me now share with you some hidden facts on our favorite Roger Federer.

“1. Juliette” is the name of Federer’s Cow Pet

1When Federer won the Wimbledon for the first time, he received a surprise. The gift was this milking cow and he named her “Juliette”. Also, “Juliette” gave birth to “Edelweiss” and this name was again kept by Federer.

2. On Swiss Stamp, he is the first living Swiss Man. Do you have his stamp?

2In the year 2007, Roger Federer got featured in a Swiss Stamp. He was recognized as the first worthy living man that appeared in the Swiss Stamp by the Swiss Government.

3. Dubai is his Favorite holiday spot. You can find him there, if he is not playing Tennis

3Dubai, Maldives and the Swiss Mountains are his favorite place to relax and unwind.

4. He loves ice creams

4Strawberry is his favorite flavor for ice-cream. So next time you order ice-cream, you know which flavor to ask for?

5. Roger is a Dual Citizen

5I think many of fans don’t know that he is half citizen of Swiss and half of South Africa. His mother is South African while his father is a Swiss.

6. He was allured towards Tennis since he was 4 years old.

6Federer was a fan of tennis since he was 4. He watched tennis by that time and at an early age of 6, he got enrolled himself in a training school.

7. His favorite Tennis Players

7Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg are his own idols.

8. Rogerer Shares a good bond with Tiger Woods

8Roger Federer is good friends with Tiger Woods, A great man in golf.

9. Super Rich Federer

9His total net worth is more than $300. He is definitely one of the richest personalities in sports.

10. At the young age, his priorities were clear

10To focus on Tennis, he dropped out of school. At the age of 16, he started his remarkable journey in tennis.

I am sure all the fans must have enjoyed reading about their idol. Isn’t?