Shocking Facts about Certain Foods you love Revealed!

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Food is the most important factor for life. From fast food to fresh food, there are many unknown facts about food, like where these foods have come from, how these contain nutrients and why your favorite foods got discontinued in the present.

Following are certain facts about food that will stupor you and make you think twice before eating.

Read along the small snippet:

It is allowed legally that foods can have hair or bugs

According to the regulation passed by FDA, some food products are allowed to have some specified quantity of rodent hair or insects in those foods in the United State of America. For instance, a canned mushroom packet is permitted to consist of 20 maggots. So, you have been eating maggots along with mushrooms every time!


Did you think decaffeinated coffee is Caffeine free?

Mostly Decaffeinated Coffee is not absolutely free from caffeine. For instance, a decaf latte is permitted to have that much caffeine as contained in one can of cola. Up to 16 mgs of caffeine is there in decaf espresso. Are you addicted to coffee, here is the reason.

Did you think decaffeinated coffee is Caffeine

Harmful ingredients are there in Processed Foods

Do you find processed food yummy? The reason is they posses some crazy harmful ingredients that help in alleviating their taste. For instance, they contain lanolin, silicon dioxide, sodium bisulfite, aspartame, titanium dioxide and MSG. The list is not confined to the above stated harmful ingredients.

Harmful ingredients are there in Processed Foods


Gone are the days when fruits and vegetables were considered healthiest

We all have read and heard that fruits and vegetables are the healthiest food. But due to wrong agricultural practices and methods, they have lost their nutritional content. Organically produced fruits and vegetables are the best.


Cooked vegetables have more nutrition than raw ones

The amount of nutrition contained in any vegetable depends on two factor, its type and method of cooking. For example, boiled carrot is healthier than raw as after boiling, the carrots release the kind of antioxidants in the vegetable that increases its nutritional value.


You give soda to your kids?

Soda is very harmful as it contains phosphoric acid. It has been proved scientifically that phosphoric acid takes out calcium from the bones making them weak and leads to the slow absorption of calcium from teeth and bones. Bone mineral density is also lowered and damages the enamel of tooth. Frequent consumption of Soda can result in osteoporosis.

soda to kids

Thus, think twice before you eat such foods!