Steps needed to make your back strong, Stop complaining of BackAche!

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There are three weak links in your body. They are back, knees and neck. If any of these parts is in pain, the entire body goes for a toss. Mostly people complain about their back.
Below are certain points that shall help you to take care of your back and make it strong

  1. It is necessary that you practice good posture while sitting and standing both. Whenever you slouch, there is a pressure that is been put on your back for which back is no prepared.1
  2. You must always keep a check on your weight. Being overweight again puts pressure on the back.
  3. To maintain the good shape of the back, you need to eat calcium and vitamin D along with eating well.
  4. If you smoke then there is a good reason for you to quit smoking as those people have higher probability of experiencing disc issues.
  5. It is significant to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles by maintaining the correct posture. It gives a natural “girdle” to your body for the support of your back.

  6. Flexibility should be maintained of the spine with regular exercises like yoga. It has been rightly said that the key to a youthful body is the flexible spine.
  7. To keep your body strong and fit, it is important to exercise regularly. Most of the injuries happen when people are not active regularly and suddenly start playing vigorous games on the weekend like football or softball. You need to make your body in tune so that you can enjoy any kind of game without pain.
  8. Stress in your life is bad. It makes your muscles tensed. Never compromise on your sleep.
  9. Be comfortable in whatever you wear. Wearing high heeled shoes can give strain to your back. Wearing occasionally is ok but don’t make it a regular affair.


  10. If your job demands long standing hours, then take frequent breaks and lift one of your feet and keep it on the box. This way you will be able to reduce the strain on your back.
  11. Every morning, make a healthy routine. Get up early, go for a walk and do some stretches.
  12. If your work demands long sitting hours, then get up every half an hour and take a short break.

Who doesn’t want a healthy back! Some changes in your lifestyle can help you keep your back healthy and you Moving!

backache 2We often don’t appreciate a healthy back until we’re laid up with a bad one. Take a proactive approach to a strong, healthy and pain-free back.





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