The best way to store your Christmas Decorations

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2So, now when all the festivities are over and it is the turn to organize your home once again and get back to the old hustle-bustle life. One of the most important thing is to keep all your Christmas decorations safely, so that you can put them to use the next year.

What is the best way to store them safely?

Storing the Artificial Trees

3If you properly care for your artificial tree, it can last you a lifetime. One of the simplest ways to store this tree is to use a TreeKeeper bag in which your tree can simply slip in without dismantling it in any way. This bag comes with a rolling base thus it is easier to store your store out of your sight. If there is a space constraint, then be sure that you keep the original tree box for safe storage of your bag.

Christmas Lights Storage

4You need to store the light effectively so that they can be reused. Never throw the lights away in box. You need to store by tapping them and marking each strand of light with its length and the area you used it. After this, you need to wrap the lights properly so that they do not break or entangle.

If you wish to store the light in the most effective way then the best way is to get a light reel where you can store up to 100 feet of light and they will be ready to use the next year also. Light winder is also a cost effective method for storing the lights. It includes a light winder that can be used to spool light stands.

Christmas Ornaments Effective Storage

The idle way to keep your Christmas tree ornaments is to store them in archival ornament boxes. Make sure these boxes have dividers so that you can keep your different ornaments segregated from each other. You can get these boxes in variety of designs. For the big sized ornaments, wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap before you store them for next year.

Storage of Odds and Ends

christmasFor storing the odds and ends, put to use the jewelry containers or small plastic boxes. Try if you can get the transparent boxes so that you can see what lies inside the boxes or you can label each box.


All these must be stored anywhere in your house, where you think there is ample space. These are not temperature sensitive, so even can be stored in your basement. Make sure you store them all together so that you remember what all is there. Also, it is advisable to make a list of things that you store, so that next year before you set out for Christmas shopping, you can check this list out first.





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