The most Horrifying facts about Titanic, all should know!

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I am sure; there would be none who would not have heard the name of Titanic. Though most of our knowledge comes from the movie “Titanic” that was released in the year 1998 and starred the beautiful Kate Winslet and the handsome Leonardo DoCaprio. We all know that the movie was too tragic but do we know how the real accident happened and it could have been avoided?

The movie was shot in a very real manner and there was lot of learn from it. Actually lot of events happened on the night it sank! Let’s learn about them:

  1. There was a man from Japan who survived after the tragedy but after he returned to his native place, Japan, he was shamed. He felt that he should have also sunk down with the ship.


2. One of the most emotional and commitment of the band players was shown in the movie. They continued to play even after the ship had struck the iceberg. This was to calm the passengers. This thing was in reality. They played for hours even after the ship was sinking.

23. The most tragic accident could have been avoided, if the iceberg was noticed just 30 seconds prior and the Captain was indicated.

3Just 30 more seconds…

  1. Milton Hershey, is the man who is credited for the greatest chocolate bars. He also had the tickets for Titanic but changed his mind the last moment.

45. There were 4 smokestacks on the ship and they added brilliantly to the design but only 3 worked and 1 was just for decoration.

56. More lives could have been saved as most of the lifeboats were not filled to their capacity.

67. Titanic is the only ocean liner that sank due to an iceberg.

78. One day prior to the accident, a drill was planned to educate the passengers about the steps to be taken if the ship sank. But it was canceled. If that was done, things would have been better.

89. The iceberg that led to this horrifying accident was seen floating since 1000 B.C.

910. James Cameron had spent more money on the film that was spent in reality in building Titanic.

10WOW, Enormous Hollywood!

  1. One of the survivors was the chef and he survived as he had drunk so much alcohol that his body temperature was maintained even he was under water. Waoh! Benefits of drinking alcohol.

1112. There was another ship in the Atlantic that night and it was not very far from the Titanic. They could save many people as the message passed to them was delayed for some reasons.







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