This is how these World War 1 battlefields look like after 100 years!

Ouvrage du Thiamont Battlefield
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The following places have experienced some of the deadliest historic episodes of endless destruction and have been totally devastated in the WAR. However, what remains there after 100 years is opulent history and dazing landscapes.

  1. St. Symphorien Cemetery — Hainaut, Belgium

 St. Symphorien Cemetery Germans created this cemetery for the first British Soldier that was killed in the combat. Also here in this cemetery, is the common wealth casualties with many soldiers who were killed from both the countries.

  1. View over La Vallee Foulon — Chemin des Dames, France

View over La Vallee Foulon This is a breath taking view of the La Vallee Foulon in from south Cavernes des Dragons.

  1. Newfoundland Memorial Park — Beaumont-Hamel, France

Newfoundland Memorial Park Still the remains of shell craters, wire pickets and trenches can be seen here from the battle of Somme.

  1. Butte de Vauquois — Argonne, France

Butte de Vauquois During the battle, some of the mines that were used had more than 60 tones of high explosive material. See what destruction it brought then and its effects now!

  1. Lochnagar Crater — Somme, France

Lochnagar Crater British soldiers placed around 50,000 pounds of explosives in a tunnel. A hole of over 90 meters wide was created by this massive explosion. Still you can see this hole.

  1. Ouvrage du Thiamont Battlefield — Verdun, France

Ouvrage du Thiamont Battlefield Here, 10 month long battle was fought and lead to more than 700,000 deaths. The remains of the place are still devastated.

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So, Wars bring only destruction and devastation! Why do we all live in the self created boundaries of countries and regions? We need to be united for the common reason – Earth.





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