Tips to spot a Katoey or Ladyboy:

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When in Thailand, you are always in a doubt? Are you sure that you talking to a girl who is too good to be true? Slim,pretty, tall, really sexy with big assests… Oh yes, you have fallen for it? But she is a katoey! Read bleow to find out 10 tips to identify them.

What exactly is a ladyboy or katoey? They are a transvestite that are considered as a ‘woman’ by others. They look feminine and grab all the eye balls. Just walk a bit further and you will see them performing and challenging that loo here,”I am more feminine that your wife.”
katoeyThe Crowds get together and everyone has the same question in mind and they end up asking each other: Is this really a boy? Pointing towards the crowd, what about this, and so many similar questions. In the evening, they look their best with full make up and taking adavantage f the lights, they range from ‘a guy looking feminie’ to’beeter than Miss Universe’….I am not kidding, you need to visit Thailand to understand what I am saying.

katoey4Even for people who ave been living in Phuket from along time and still get confused in spotting a lady boy. I am they can make out but 1% they can miss out also.

Tips to spot a Katoey or Ladyboy:

  • Too tall girls as most of the girls in Thailand are short.
  • They are too-sexy in their behavior, speaking loudly, over-acting and always ready for a cat-walk.
  • Girls with broad shoulders and body proportions
  • Their outfits are too sexy. Either very long with feathers cabaret style or reduced to the minimum size possible.
  • They don’t wear bra. Girls in Thailand with smallest size also wear bra.
  • Their breast size is too big.
  • Their voice is obviously like a man. Although they try to speak in low tone but on this aspect they get caught provided you are in senses to listen to them.
  • The shape of their elbows is more square than a woman’s but this one I havnt personally observed. But heard people talking couple of times.
  • Ladyboys in Soi Bangla and Simon Cabarat will encourage you to take photographs with them. But strangest part is with you or without you. But keep it in mind that it is not free. 1 click shall cost you a hundred Baht and if you thinking running is a better option, then remind yourself that they are afterall guys.

Thus, remember these points and have a Fan-Tastic Trip to Thailand!