Top 10 beaches in America to get that envious tan!

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Beaches are a perfect way to relax away your stress on a weekend. Swimming, sunbathing or any water sport that one might indulge in, it’s all so relaxing.  Whether you go down the shore or ride the waves, a beach can be an ultimate relaxing destination with the cool sand, hot and soothing sunlight and the nerve easing sounds of water splashes and waves. Plus you may get that nice sexy tan! So check out this list of ten best beaches in Hawaii where you can chill!

1. Manele Bay, Hawaii

The beach has the world’s best stretches of sand. With a preserve filled with colourful fishes and dolphins, it becomes all more scenic and beautiful. You can also choose from any of the world class water sport options like snorkeling, diving sports etc.

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

On the silky white shores of this beach you can indulge in fishing, swimming, sunbathing, sailing or surfing. You can also explore the amusement parks, water parks, restaurants etc.

3. Nantucket, Massachusetts

With perfect blue water in the background and white sand with white cottages surrounded by wild roses, it is like a scene straight out of a dream.

4. Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

Crescent shaped beach with white sand, palm trees, and clear blue water, it is like a dream beach, safe and perfect for day out with family and water sports.

5. Clearwater Beach, Florida

Enjoy sunbathing, a game of beach volleyball on white sandy beaches  or head to a mainland museum or aquarium, this beach offers a lot of options for a perfect day under the sun.

6. Coronado, California

The beach is perfect when visited in the morning. What’s interesting is that it has a Dog beach where your pets can enjoy a dive too.

7. Cape May, New Jersey

Spot dolphins on this beautiful beach while dining at some highly popular restaurants around.

8. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Raw and beautiful, this beach has a rustic beauty to it with white sand framed by red and brown cliffs.

9. East Hampton, New York

It is a perfect white beach with beautiful houses and restaurants around.

10. Cape Hatteras National Seashore, North Carolina

It is a perfect blend of sandy dunes and water froth perfect for swimming, surfing etc. You can also view the spectacular view from the lighthouse.