Top 10 expensive bikes with jaw dropping price tags!

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Bikes are a passion and love for guys. And those of you, who are crazy about speed and bikes, check this list of ten most fast yet not-so-affordable expensive bikes in the world. Get ready to strain your eyes with flashy heavy price tags!

10) Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

Price- $ 110,000

This bike was designed by Confederate Motor Co. They have used steel for the bike that gives it a unique look. The bike has a beautiful appearance.

9) Coventry Eagle

Price- $ 120,000

Flying Eagle is a very old bike of Royal Eagle Company. Although it is a little less than a hundred years old, the bike is still good to go on the road.

8) Harley Davidson Rocker

Price- $ 130,000

The bike was adapted from a well-known German company called House of Thunder. It’s a great catch with 37 degrees inclined front and rear, which is very close to the tire with amazing looks.

7) Hildebrand Wolfmüller

Price- $ 150,000

The world’s first production motorcycle, Hildebrand and Wolf Müller is one of the most exclusive motorcycles with two-cylinder four-stroke engine. This bike is so much expensive due to its history as being the first motorcycle.

6) Hub less Harley Davidson

Price- $ 155,000

Hub less Harley has a basic Harley Davidson style. The look of this one is unlike any other. Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for their impressive look and it succeeds in every way to justify that.

5) Ecosse FE Ti XX

Price- $ 300,000

It has 225 horsepower with Eccose engine plants. This bike is one of the fastest bikes in the world and can accommodate up to 250 MPH.

4) The legendary British classic black

Price- $ 400,000

The bike, manufactured in UK, has two cylinders to provide the 250 cc performance.

3) Gold Plated Custom Chopper

Price- $ 500,000

Gold plated custom chopper has the metallic body, which is all shiny and gold plated with excellent features.

2) Ultra Rare Porcupine

Price- $ 750,000

Ultra Rare porcupine is very rare, making it extremely expensive with excellent features. This bike was developed in World War II.

1) $ 1 million Harley-Davidson

Price- $ 1 million

Designed by Jack Armstrong this is an exclusive and most expensive bike with best design and impressive style. The powerful six-cylinder engine gives an impressive lightning fast speed.