Top 10 public places in America which are haunted!

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Are you one of those few daredevils who are game for visiting haunted places? If you are, then make sure to have this list of America’s most haunted places that you can actually visit. We bring to you a list of most spine-chilling and spooky places in America that are open for public visit. Drop in to get spooked!

  1. Alcatraz Island

This island was a federal prison which imprisoned some of America’s most dangerous and notorious criminals. Upon its shutdown, few prisoners stuck around as ghosts.

  1. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Built to treat people suffering from the TB, the hospital failed at its mission when it did more harm than good by becoming the reason of the TB outbreak due to the constant visits of relatives of sick. The hospital also used methods which were so traumatic that dead people wander as ghosts here.

  1. Shanghai tunnels

These basement tunnels were used by some inhuman and cruel kidnappers called ‘shanghaiiers’, to lock and torture people. Sounds like screaming, moaning and even crying can be heard in a tour in these tunnels.

  1. Whaley house

It is quite often claimed to be the most haunted house in America. Constant noises like boot stomping can be heard almost every day.

  1. Moundsville west Virginia Penitentiary

It is the most haunted penitentiaries in the world infamous for the over population of the prisoners which led to dark things here. Noises and sounds like screaming, crying, walking etc can be hard quite often.

  1. Augustine Lighthouse and museum

This lighthouse is so haunted that people visiting it end up crying more often than not; thanks to the eerie atmosphere.

  1. Winchester mystery house

This house has been terrifying people for over 100 years now, thanks to the floating ghost of its owner, Sarah Winchester. The house is said to have undiscovered hidden rooms too.

  1. Goldfield Hotel

Considered to be as one of the most haunted buildings in the world, this hotel has reported cases of noises and temperature drop especially in room 109!

  1. Villisca axe murder house

This house saw the infamous axe murder of 8 people on June 9, 1912. The case is still unsolved and the house is now considered to be haunted.

  1. Historic Dumas brothel museum

A haunted place that you must visit to experience the horror!





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