Top 5 Extra-Ordinary Bridges all Across the Bridges to sweep you away from your floor

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“London is falling down , falling down – My Fair Lady” . All must have heard this rhyme. The bridges given below will not fall but make you fall in appall as they are unique in their construction and mesmerizing in the views they provide.

  1. Banpo Bridge, Seoul, South Korea

21This bridge is built on the Han River and creates a double decked effect. What really has made this bridge an eye candy among the tourist and locals is the fountain of 3740 feet emerging from the either side? The fountain imparts the bridge a celestial appeal. The fountain on the bridge has also reserved its place in the Guinness book of records for the 10,000 LED nozzles that spray 190 tons of water each minute round the clock. The water comes directly from the river and is recycled. It has been listed as the world’s longest bridge fountain.

  1. Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, Sanjiang County, China

34The bridge was built in 1916 and is situated on the Linxi River in Sanjiang County. The bridge has mesmerizing shades that span over the entire bridge. In fact, no nails or rivets were used in order to build this bridge. This bridge has been made with thousands of wood pieces put together. Originally this bridge was built to describe a rainbow.

  1. Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, Brasilia, Brazil

56Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge is also popular by the name of JK Bridge and was opened in 2002. The extra-ordinary criss-cross steel arches of the bridge draw lot of attention towards the bridge. These arches support the entire weight of the bridge. All kinds of traffic from vehicular to pedestrian is supported by this 3,900 feet long bridge.

  1. Helix Bridge, Marina Bay, Singapore

78This appalling bridge connects southern and the central parts of the Marina Bay. In the lightening, it appears to be really mind-blowing. The unique spirals of the bridge are attributed to the international design team that was appointed to build the bridge. The canopies on the bridge are built in order to provide shelter from the rough weather like sun or rain to the pedestrians and two wheelers. The bridge also has platforms from where the mesmerizing view of Singapore skyline can be caught in the eyes.

  1. Millennium Bridge, London

910The bridge has been built on the Thames River. The City of London at St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern Gallery is connected by this amazing steel suspension footbridge. This pedestrian bridge was first of its kind and was built in thousand years and finally inaugurated in the year 2000.

These were top 5 amazing bridges across the world.





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