Top 6 Tattoo Designs that has transformed Breast Cancer marks into Mesmerizing Artwork

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To bear the agony of the cancer diagnosis in a woman’s life is difficult to imagine. It is rather a rare scene when a breast cancer victim is making a brave confrontation in public as it attacks their not only their body but soul also. But these days, cancer survivors are beautifying their scars with amazing and bold tattoos to give new meaning to their life.

  1. Cari-Anne Higgins has survived breast cancer for two times. She opted for a tattoo as she was tired of seeing the ugly surgical spots. The design is attributed to the Artist Autumn Tierney who helped her with the design that defined her life. The design implies celebration of survival and living to the maximum with no regrets.

1via Facebook / Cari-Anne Higgins

  1. In the year 2012, Carrie George had undergone a bilateral mastectomy. She then decided to hide her scars for life with something meaningful. Thus, she got a design of leaves, owl and fireball. These are symbolic to power and she’s feels the same way. She says, “a sense of peace in my chest that runs even deeper than the relief I feel having significantly reduced my risk of breast cancer”, after the tattoo.

2via Facebook / Why We Ink / Carrie George

  1. Patty Carr has seen a very rough passage in her life when she had to undergo a prophylactic double mastectomy. Thereafter, the life was still not OK as her implants were infected and she had to be under surgical knife couple of times again. There on she went to meet Shane Wallin of Garnet Tattoo who gave her the idea of tattooing for life. She loved the idea!

3via Tattoo Artist Magazine

4.Barbara after many years got a design that she could identify with. She has undergone mastectomy and was scared for life. But after the tattoo she is inked for life. Her design was suggested by Darlene DiBona at Sacred Rose Tattoo.

4via yelp / Barbara B.

5. Roberta had lost one of her breasts in mastectomy. She met with the tattoo artist DJ Harley Devries whose design touched her in great way. She says that design makes her feel complete again.

5via Facebook / Roberta Murdock

6. Ann Marie Giannino-Otis survivor of breast cancer says that breast cancer no less than a devil that nobody is waiting for but comes and tears apart the femininity like a stealer. The design of tattoo she wanted was something that would remind her of her growth and beauty. Artist DJ Rose at Halo Tattoo was successful in delivering what she wanted.






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