Undertaker had kept the name “Cain the Undertaker” during his career, read this and more on WWE:

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There are over 300 events in a year and broadcasting up to more than 150 countries, WWE is the world leader in the promotion of wrestling for more than 60 years now. It was first started as the Capital Wrestling Corporation, the WWE that has made the professional wrestling into a mainstream event with record-breaking viewing.

Here are below given some really interesting facts on WWE that you all should know:

  1. Since the introduction of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the 1963, there has been 8 alternate names.

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In the year 1963, the title was called by the name WWWF World Heavyweight Championship. It was from the year 1963 to 1971.

Then in the year 1971, the word “World” was replaced by Capitol and the name became Capitol Wrestling Corporation. Then NWA ( National Wrestling Alliance ) Formed WWF(World Wrestling Federation) thus created the name of the championship as WWF Heavyweight Championship. This was from the year 1979 – 1983.

Then in the year 1983, again name change took place and it became World heavyweight Championship that was quite similar to the first ones. For the next 15 years, the title remained this and then in the month of March in the year 1988, final name change took place and that was WWF Championship.

Just in December 2001, again name change took place and it was kept Undisputed WWF Championship. In just 4 months, the title was again changed to WWE championship that remained for 11 years and now recently at the end of 2013, again the name was changed to WWE World Heavyweight Championship. (source)

  1. Total of 120 WWE World Heavyweight Champions since the start

2Image courtesy: Miguel Discart(flickr)

Currently the champion is Seth Rollins.

More than 100 people have won the title of WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Buddy Rogers was the first champion when NWA left WWWF. The first person to win the title legitimately is Bruno Sammartino.(source)

  1. Have you forgotten the aura of The Rock, Triple H and Randy Orton ?

3Image source: tinypic.com

These three were the most popular champions with their personal style and professional too. From these three, Randy Orton has held the title for the maximum number of day’s i.e 161 to be precise. In a very interesting cell match, Randy had won the title against Daniel Bryan. In this match, the special referee was Sean Michaels.

The last match of Triple H where he won was the elimination chamber match and there we all saw Big Show, Undertaker, Jef Hardy and Kozlov. He maintained his title for a period of 70 days.

Can you forget the match between Royal Rumble the Rock against CM Punk? The match was won by Punk but Vince McMahon again started the match as there was interference by Shield prior to it. Then Rock won, and held the title for a period of 70 days. What a match it was? (source)

  1. 4. On 29th March’ 1987 a match of wrestle mania was held at Pontiac, Michigan and reportedly 93k people watched it live.

4'Image source: tjrwrestling.net

The match was against the two mega wrestlers, Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant and saw a whooping audience of 93,173 attendees and the match lasted for 12 minutes after Hulk maintained his title of WWF Champion after smashing Andre the Giant who was 520 pounds.

  1. Did you know that the Undertaker had 6 different names during his career in wrestling?

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One of the most strange names that Undertaker kept was “Cain the Undertaker”. Moreso, when we all are aware of the Brothers Kane and Undertaker. He has been the biggest wrestler of all the times with 21 wins and 0 loses. Finally, he lost of Brock Lesnar and ended his streak. (source)

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