What to Wear New Year’s Eve : DOs and DON’Ts

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One of the most fantabulous nights is just round the corner – the New Years Eve. Most of the girls I am sure must be still confused what to wear? It is a party where you flaunt your dressing style and you want to look the best. Who doesn’t want to ring in the New Year looking Stylish and Ravishing?

So here are my some Do’s and Don’ts related to the dresses that one must wear!

DOs and DON’Ts: What to Wear New Year’s Eve:

DO: Sheer Dresses or Blouses are so ‘IN’- You cover what you wish to cover with the sheer blouses or dresses and they add a sexy look to your outlook!

DON’T: Forgetting to mix various textures – Chiffon when paired with Leather adds a little sass to your look for the New Year’ Eve.


DO: To make your look interesting, wear something that is Fun like try adding fringes.

2DON’T: Try to wear everything in one time – wearing sheer, heels, leather, sequins and patterns together will make you look like a fashion overload.

DO: consider wearing a short romper– This is considered as an unofficial dress code for the gals partying in NYE.

DON’T: Pantsuit gives coverage from cold – these are long and shall give you the coverage from cold if it is chilly outside.

DO: Showing more skin is not enough o turn heads around you. Sometimes, a chic pencil skirt can make you look like a bombshell and that too without much of skin show.

DON’T: wear sequins from HEAD TO TOE. Mix up varied fabrics or even your classy pair of jeans.

3DO: Select a bold color for dress – There will be many wearing black color dresses, but if you wish to stand out wear a bold color.

4DON’T: Be cautious to try print – If you can carry off a printed dress or a jacket, it will add wonders to your New Year dress.

DO: carry a pair of flats if you begin your party in high heels – You surely don’t want to stop dancing in an hour, thus hurting your feet is not an option, do carry along your flats to give your feet some comfort.

DON’T: forget to add some lace- Lace will always make your dress sexy and edgy over others.

5Hope the article helps you in dressing up for the New Year’s Eve. Be Trendy, Be Stylish! Ring in the New Year wearing your best!

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