Diwali Celebrations in the United States of America with list of events in New York

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What Do People Do?

Diwali being one of the major Hindu festivals is celebrated with pump and show in the United States of America as well. Every year, there is enormous participation of Hindu Associations, communities, schools to celebrate this pious festival of India. Even the politicians and well-known public figures come out in open to wish the people on Diwali.

Most of the Indian Stores are decked up and sell traditional, jewelry and outfits like chiffon saris, lehenga choli and vast range of incent sticks that will be used for the prayer on the day. Many women also get attracted to apply mehandi on their hands. It is also common to see ladies wearing silk outfits to celebrate the occasion.

Many sparkers, candles and lights are seen lit on the eve of Diwali. Some of the businesses are seen celebrating the festival by distributing Indian sweets. There are many communities that organize various firework displays. Astonishingly, Utah has even declared Diwali as one of its state festival.

Public Life on Diwali


Though Diwali is not declared as a public holiday in the United States of America, still, it is celebrated in many cities and towns. There are many cities where various events are organized on Diwali and those areas are full with people. Some of the Indian Businesses also close early for Diwali.

The list of the well-known events in New York is listed Below.

New York City

Diwali in New yourkSignificance of Diwali

diwali3Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights that is celebrated in honor of Lord Rama. On the eve of Diwali Lord Rama has returned home after 14 years of exile in which he had won a war against Ravana who was the King of Demons. Diwali is the victory of “Good over Evil” and “Light over Darkness”. That is the reason, al the houses are lit with diyas, candelas and lights all over.

It is also believed that The Goddess Lakshmi roams around the earth on this day and enters the home that she finds clean, tidy and pious. That is the reason people start cleaning their house on Diwali.

So, Diwali is a festival that is not confined to one religion but it crosses all boundaries and is celebrated all round the world.

Post us the pictures of how you celebrated Diwali and we shall upload them on our site.