Facts You Should Know about Beethoven: the Composer and Musical Genius

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If you don’t remember who Beethoven is, then surely Google with its creative Doodle will remind you off.

Beethoven is being remembered as a musical genius with some amazing and innovative compositions in his kitty. His full name was Ludwig van Beethoven and was baptised on 17th December, 1770 and thus Google is paying its tribute to the master in its own way.

From the Simpsons to the Peanuts and from “Ode to Joy” flash mobs, his presence in pop culture has been terrific.

Let me know tell you certain facts about him which you all would not know:

His childhood was not easy

His father was an alcoholic and used to emotionally and physically abuse Ludwig. He dreamt of turning his son into a child prodigy so that he could enjoy on his success.

Beethoven’s father Johann was a raging alcoholic and was physically and emotionally abusive to Ludwig. The elder Beethoven dreamed of turning his son into a child prodigy and cashing in on his success. Ludwig used to be locked up in a cellar by his father and he even used to beat him for playing incorrect notes.

First Symphony of Beethoven

At the age of 29 what were you all up to? At this age, first symphony of Beethoven was performed in April in the year 1800 Burgtheater in Vienna.

Was he actually Deaf ?

When he was around 26 years of age, he began to lose his hearing. He was suffering from a severe tinnitus, in which the person hears a continuous “ringing” sound in his ears. Because of this, it became difficult for him to listen to his own music and he also tried not to be a part of conversations.   In Beethoven’s autopsy it was mentioned that lesions were developed over time in his “distended inner ear”. It is also said that as he had the habit of immersing his head in cold water in order to be awake could be one of the reasons that he lost his hearing capability.

Was he a cleanliness freak?

His only priority in life was music. You all must have been aware of his paintings with stormy scowls and wild hair. Due to his kinky personal habits, it was apt to call him a tormented artist. These habits were wearing dirty clothes, leaving food in plates around his house. He also had this weird quirky habit of not emptying the chamber pot. But all said and done, his focus was only music and what he has given us in terms of music is out of the world!

This was all about Beethoven, enjoy his music and pay homage to this great soul.

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