High Paying, Low-Stress Jobs

Are you looking for some higher pay with lower stress.

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We’ve all had days where we though, “I need a new job” well, with the right education and perseverance, you too could get a career in one of these ranked “High Paying, Low Stress” jobs. The List below is in order based on the Stress rate percentage. This number has been determined by averaging the stress level of people employed in these fields. The pays all range in the high $90,000 to a little above $200,000, which is nice and this includes the national median of these jobs (including bonuses, profit sharing, commissions, and other added income). Of course, the more you make can definitely influence your stress, at a certain point; but, the jobs listed below are careers and do not include entrepreneurs or self-employed individuals.


Senior Product Marketing Manager  –  47%, $116,000
Essentially, this job requires you to sell products or run a team that sells products. To sell the products you must use multiple forms of marketing and advertising, both traditional or through new technology. Also, this job requires some brand recognition and trend following to know exactly how to get the products off the shelves.

Principal Scientist  –  48%, $117,000
Unlike most science careers, this one requires only a bachelors degree in a scientific field. This job requires you, or a team you are in, to focus on methods of improving whatever organization you are working for or under. This improvement is achieved through: planning, research, tests and discussion.

Principal Software Engineer  –  48%, $115,000
This job generally is done by independent freelancers. Their principle purpose is to oversee research into new technologies and component design. They design, develop and test new software and oversee system integration at organizations.

Materials Scientists  –  53%, $94,350
Everything around is made up of atoms. A material scientist’s job is to study different products at a molecular and atomic level and test reactions between different products; and with this knowledge, they can develop safer and cheaper products.

Patent Attorney  –  54%, $146,000
This career does require a lot of education – generally a law degree and a technical degree. The purpose behind this career is to protect intellectual property and the owners of these concepts.

Geophysicist  –  56%, $105,000
Geophysicist job is to study the Earth around us, including: Tectonic plates, Gravity, magnetism, and any geological activity. One perk of this job is a lot of major areas of study are tropical regions, such as Hawaii.

Food Scientist  –  55.8%, $66,870
This job is extremely important to ensure that our food production is continuing in the right direction.

Mathematician  –  57.3%, $104,350
Despite how many feel, Math is an important subject in our busy world. A mathematicians job is to apply complicated math techniques for many different fields, to ensure proper methods.

Petroleum Engineer  –  59%, $130,000
This career is extremely important, especially in the United States with over 250 millions cars on the road. This job designs and develops new methods of extracting the maximum amount of fossil fuels possible.

Data Scientist, IT  –  59%, $105,000
With an ever-expanding world online, this career is important because they find ways to analyze and manage large amounts of data.

Political Scientist  –  60.8%, $104,000
Political Science is a study that is constantly changing; this field studies the origin, operations and developments of political systems throughout history and currently.

Physicist  –  61.3%, $117,300
This career does require a Ph.D., which may seem like a lot of work, but, the career itself has one main goal – to conduct research and develop theories to explain phenomena around us.

User Experience Researcher  –  62%, $99,300
This career is important because it allows websites, stores, products and ideas to be presented in a understandable way, to allow customers to experience and enjoy the product.

Astronomer  –  62%, $107,140
This job requires a Ph.D. in the field, however, it is extremely important for our not-so-distant-future. This career observes and researches what we already know about space around us to provide humanity with the knowledge of what is going on around us, even if we are just barely physically exploring outside of Earth’s boundaries.

Law Teacher  –  62.8%, $126,270
This job requires a bachelors degree and law degrees; but, this job is relatively simple. This job has you teach courses in Law, generally focusing on the extremely important and unchanging court cases/laws.

Actuary  –  63%, $97,700
This job requires a bachelor’s degree and a few exams to become certified. The purpose of this job is to analyze financial risks and make guesses of spending.

Economist  –  63.3%, $105,290
This job requires a bachelors in Economics, generally. This job studies the production and distribution of resources and goods.

Statistician  –  64%, $84,010
This Career requires a lot of math and, generally, a graduate degree. The principle concept of this career is to use statistical methods to collect and analyze data and help solve real-world problems in business, engineering, the sciences, or other fields.

Computer and Information Systems Manager  –  64.3%, $136,280
This job is important in modern changing world, and only requires a bachelors degree. This job requires one to determine what technological needs are implemented for specific businesses.

Applications Software Developer  –  65%, $99,530
This career choice requires a lot of computer knowledge, however, if you get good enough at it, you can set your own rate and hours. This job requires you to develop and modify computer applications with knowledge of computer programming skills.

Reservoir Engineer  –  66%, $136,000
This job requires someone to determine the yield, production and value of oil fields to determine value and longevity of extraction.

Computer Hardware Engineer  –  67%, $110,650
This job requires a bachelors degree and computer knowledge. This job requires one to research, design, develop, or test computer or computer-related equipment for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use.

Marine Engineer and Naval Architect  –  67%, $99,160
This job requires some to work on all aspects of ships and naval equipment, This includes: designing, stability, maintenance, propulsion and steering.

Orthodontist  –  67%, $201,030
This career requires a bachelors degree, four years of dental school and residency training. This job helps fix misaligned teeth and dental abnormalities.

Art Director  –  69%, $97, 850
This career handles the visual section on magazines, newspapers, product packaging, advertisement and any other source of media.

Optometrist  –  70.3%, $113,010
This career requires a bachelors degree, a four year optometry program and a license. This job examines, diagnosis and corrects any visual problems.

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