Interesting Facts on Santa You all must know on Christmas

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As Christmas is coming near, the first word comes into mind is Santa. Thus every kid opens their flaws of demand of gift and keep eagerly waiting for their gifts. But can anybody know how this bearded jolly man became ideal icon in our life today. Some interesting tales about the birth journey of Santa Claus are as follows. The image of Santa Claus related to children’s behaviour is like naughty and nice.
He was a sort of ….real-

santaThe folks says that it is based on the story of a toy distributor St. Nicholas who was the bishop of Myra and born in year 270, who sleighs led by flying consist of 8 reindeers. He had an image of distributing gifts, dowry paying of the girls who are in need and also the handing down of coins to children. After his death he has been beatify as saint of the children.
He ‘s only been ‘Santa Claus’ for 200 years.

santaThis Dutch tradition of St.Nicholas is continuously kept alive in the story form of Sinterklass, a bishop who delivers treats to children by travelling house to house on December 25.The first story of Santa Claus was published in 1773 in a New York city Newspaper.
Satire first sent Santa down a chimney

santaAccording to Whipps- In late 1809,a book – A history of New York, Washington Irving gave a character of Santa Claus as a ‘Lucky Bishop’. Above all,Irving also gave him a portray of bearded man who smokes a pipe. He also mentioned that Santa first time slide down through the chimney.
• ‘Twas’ the night before Christmas introduced the reindeer.
One commonly referred poem -Twas the night before Christmas which was introduced by Clement Moore in 1822 as ‘A visit from SaintNicholas‘ was published firstly in the Troy on Dec 23 of 1823.This poem consist of 56 line poem and was then popularised because it has so many descriptions of Santa’s Character like a man who guided a sleigh which consist of eight reindeers.
Coca cola created the modern Santa Claus.
Father Christmas was only in the illustrations, for this, he wore many different robes like purple, blue, green, brownetc. In the beginning of late 1800’s,the Santa finally became popular in the colour of red outfit . One artist Louis prang consider him in a way of series of Christmas card in the year 1885. In 1927,the red garments was reported by New York times. Image of Santa Claus came out to be as the jolly man who was wearing red suit and it was so well seared into the pop culture of America in 1931.Haddon Sundklam, an artist who widely circulated and illustrated him as a campaign for coca cola.
The department store Santa is a 120 year old tradition.
According to the Smoking jacket the famous Massachusetts businessman Edgar in 1890 became the first department store of Santa. Edgar comes up with an idea that Santa costume dress can be made as an marketing tool. In Brockton ,all children from the state dragged their parents from home to take the costume and after that it became a tradition.
Santa was a bachelor until the late 1800s
In 1849 the spouse for mentioned in a story . A Christmas legend written by James Rees. In the coming several years, Mrs Claus was found in the several publications like Yale Literary magazine and the Harpers Magazine. In 1889, it was widely circulated and Santa Claus wife was came into fame by Katherine Lee Bate’s by her poem Goody Santa Claus on a sleigh ride in which goody is considered as a short form of Mrs or a goodwife.

So these were little facts about the amazing journey of Santa Claus. We all know that Santa is considered to be as saint for children who brings smile on their faces by fulfilling their wishes. Still after so long, this ethical character is still alive in our mind and soul. Hope that these amazing facts will help you people to understand the Santa more.





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