Reduce Sugar but do not cut it off completely! Enjoy your Christmas Season..

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Yes, for a fact sugar is bad for you but then cutting it completely can kill you! Experts have warned people against this..

Sugar has such higher potent risks to life that UN has described it as the new tobacco.

But there is a group of experienced scientists who have denied that cutting out sugar completely can make you young and disease proof.

Dieters can cut out your sugar from biscuits, meals, yoghurt and desserts

But gushing it from your daily lives is very difficult to achieve.

After the statement made by UN that sugar can be the ‘new tobacco’ thus following a sugar free diet is a big thumbs up but wait a second before you read below!

Biochemist Leah Fitzsimmons has been recorded saying that cutting all the sugar from your diet can be very difficult and dangerous at the same time if you do it all of a sudden.

Vegetables, dairy products, eggs, alcohol, nuts, fruits all contain sugar, thus if you actually stop eating them it would not a healthy choice for sure. Other than these you are left with only fats and meat to eat that is indeed not a very healthy choice.

Actor Matthew McConaughey favors caveman diet but the scientists have also said that this diet is also not good for us. In this diet, it is believed that we have evolved from eating few foods like vegetables, lean meat, berries thus we should stick to those and leave dairy products, lentils, beans and cereals.

Popular archaeologist namely Erika Nitsch has been reported saying, “While it is true that fluffy white loaves of sandwich bread won’t have been known to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, if you are worried about a healthy diet, have lentil soup, but skip the Mars bar.”

Also, those diets are rejected that claim to reduce fat from part of the body by influencing hormones. For example, it has been said that love handles that irritate many women are caused by the imbalance of insulin and can be corrected by consuming less sugar. For this famous biochemist Madeline Burke said,” There is no evidence linking hormone synchronisation and weight loss.”

Also, losing the enjoying of food leads to depression, thus one must avoid doing that.

A weird clay diet was also labeled as a potent health risk. In this particular diet, it is said that if you eat a spoon of clay it helps to increase the immunity system and aids in detoxifying the body. However, it has been explained by scientists that detoxification of the body is just a myth and it can lead to serious problems like constipation and poisoning.

Thus, Eat right should be mantra, rather than cutting off sugar completely. EXERCISE to REMAIN HEALTHY and FIT

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