10 interesting facts on Game of Thrones, you probably didn’t know!

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We all know that the last episode of Game of Thrones your favorite TV series was dedicated to Littlefinger- and to all the horrendously awesome things done by him in the last 4 seasons of the show.

While the new episode returns, I know you all including me cannot wait for it any longer. Here’s something that you all would enjoy reading, some facts about the episodes telecasted so far about the series.

  1. During the year, 2012, more than 160 baby girls were born and were legally named as ‘Khaleesi’ after Daenerys Targaryen.legally named as ‘Khaleesi’ after Daenerys Targaryen
  2. In one of the scenes, there was loads of fake blood on Emilia Clarke that she was actually stuck on a toilet seat for hours!

    fake blood on Emilia Clarke

  3. Did you know Vierys brother’s Daenerys’ was played by Harry Lloyd and he is Charles Dickens, great-great-great grandson. For all those, who are not able to recall who Charles Dickens, then let me remind you that he was the highly proclaimed English writer and Social Critic.

    Harry Lloyd

  4. Game of Thrones cast members have already been casted in the much acclaimed Harry Potter films. For instance, Catelyn Stark had played the role of Mrs. Granger in The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and also Grand Maester Pycelle had got the opportunity to voice for Aragog in the series The Chamber of Secrets.

    Thrones cast members

  5. A blonde wig is supported by Emilia Clarke to perfect her role as Khaleesi while the natural blonde ‘Sophie Turner’ had dyed her hair in red to perfect her role of Sansa Stark.

    Emilia Clarke to perfect her role as Khaleesi

  6. The role of Sarah Connor from the series of Terminator has been played by both Cersei and Daenerys. In Chronicles TV spinoff, Lena Headey had played the role of Sarah Connor while Emilia Clarke is about to play the role in the Terminator series ‘Genesis’ of Sarah Connor.Game of Thrones has really made the cast popular.

    Sansa Stark

  7. Jack Gleeson, who is popular as King Joffrey has been reported saying that he doesn’t enjoy acting any longer and wishes to head back to college. He has also taken official retirement.

    Jack Gleeson, who is popular as King Joffrey

  8. By far, 13 different introductions have been recorded for the show due to the varied locations that are shown in the every episode.
  9. In real life, Sansa and Arya get along very well and are often seen hanging out together. Also Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage are good friends. Also, Lena was helped by Peter to grab the role of Cersei that has made her a household name.

    Sansa and Arya

  10. The girls who have played the role of whores in the show are real life porn stars before they were casted for Game of Thrones. This includes Shae who has become popular as she played the role of Tyrion’s ex-girlfriend.

    Tyrion's ex-girlfriend





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