Breaking the taboo of Exercising! These simple tips help you lose tremendous weight without any efforts

Breaking the taboo of Exercising
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I don’t know how many of you are aware that to keep fit the only resort is not hitting the gym. But surely staying fit is important! I don’t deny the importance of working out, if you can – YOU MUST. But for those, who do not have time or for some other reason can’t for them this article is of great help.

Small changes in your lifestyle will give you that desired figure that you have been looking for. Read these simple and easy tips to cut out the extra flab you carry everywhere.

  1. Be in Love with Water
    The moment you get up, drink around 4-8 glasses daily. During the entire, drink as much as you can. A short tip: Drink a Glass of water before your every meal.
  2. Never Skip Meals, Mainly your Breakfast
    Make your breakfast most delicious and healthy. Your first meal of the day has to be the best one.
  3. Whenever you can WALK
    It has been researched that if you take 10,000 steps every day, these are enough to keep you fit. Thus, leave office or apartment elevators, and opt for stairs instead.
  4. Never remain Hungry
    You must carry some munchies that are healthy of course like Roasted nuts, almonds, chana or fruits. Keep them in your office drawer and in your bag so that they can come handy.
  5. Eat 6 times a day small meals every two hours
    Eat small portions of food every two hourly to remain fit.
  6. For sweet tooth people, have sweet in the morning

  7. Avoid Slouching especially while sitting

To maintain your body posture, consciously sit straight for at least 20 -30 minutes a day.