The Man with only 1 Testicle had to be Hitler! Read to know

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Is it true that Hitler had only 1 testicle? YES

In the year 1916, during Somme Battle, he lost one of his balls, as claimed by the doctor.

There has been no proof to prove this fact, however during the World War II, he was being mocked by the statement, “Hitler has only got one ball, the other is in the Albert Hall.”’

The conversation between the war doctor who was a German namely Johan Jambor with his priest namely Franciszek Pawlar was recorded in a document in the year 1960. During this conversation, they were recorded saying that Hitler has lost one of his testicles. After, Jambor’s death, this document came into picture and that was after a span of 23 years.

It was for a fact that Hitler had injured his groin area in the war of Somme. The evidence for the same is that he was ‘monorchic’ was avoided by Historians. Monorchic is the medical terminology for the man who has one testicle.

It also has been said by a friend of Jambor , that Doctor used to himself for saving the life of Hitler. He said that the War of Somme was atrocious. He remembers that for hours, he had his friend Jambor had picked up injured soldiers. During this time, Hitler was also badly injured and he was screaming, “HELP, HELP!

His legs and abdomen were all full of blood. His abdomen area was injured badly and he had lost one of his balls. The first question, he asked doctor was, Now will I be able to have my own kids?

In the year 1939, a very popular song came that was written by a publicist of the British Council that states, “”Göring has only got one ball, Hitler’s [are] so very small, Himmler’s so very similar, And Goebbels has no balls at all.”

Thus, there has been some evidence in the past that states that Hitler had only 1 Testicle. It can mocked off as done before.





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