What will your New Year Resolution 2016? Top Ideas

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Are you the one who take the ringing in of the New Year very seriously? Or are you the one who take it as the second chance to fulfill your dreams with open eyes or are you the one who take it casually and bid good-bye to 2015 normally. Whatever be the case, all have certain New Year resolutions. Some even forget it by 1st Jan and some stick to them for couple of days. Do you remember your last year resolutions?listSeriously speaking, New Year Resolutions are the opportunity to look upon your goals. It is the time to see your path of success. For the ones who like to have adrenaline rush, it is the apt time to try something new and bold.

Below are some of the ideas for your New Year resolutions 2016. The list is a combination of simple, exotic yet unique resolutions. I am sure some will surely appeal to my esteemed readers!

Time to gauge your last year resolutions– You must have loads of resolutions last year also? It is the time to access how many of them have been fulfilled.

Complete the incomplete ones– If you still feel that you haven’t completed the last year ones, then they must top your list of this year resolutions as you should not leave them half way.

Take realistic resolutions– one must be practical, instead of threading dreams in the air, take a resolution that has some significance to your life.

Evaluate your progress– This year resolve to evaluate yourself on your commitment – this shall aid you to carry on with your resolutions.cover pic 1

Quit one addiction of yours– It is always better tor resolve to quit one of our addictions. Take help from your friends, relatives and colleagues in office to help you fulfill this resolution. If some addiction of yours is doing no good to you, then why stick to it?

Back to School – There is no age to learn. You must resolve to learn something new in this New Year.

You must resolve to be fit – Resolve to take few trips to doctor and more trips to the gym. Exercise and sweat more this new year. Resolve to lose some flab!

Hog Healthy – You may resolve to hog healthy in the New Year. Cravings for junk and fast food are taking to nowhere except back on the hospital bed in the near future. Hus, eat healthy to remain healthy.

Pay off your debt – Pay off of your debt and feel light!pic 1

So, what will be your New Year Resolution? Do mention them in the comment section, lets see how many of us share the same resolutions.





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