13-Year-Old-Girl Gets Perfect Mensa Score

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Appearances can be deceiving. It is easy to look at someone who is well-dressed and well spoken and assume that they have their whole life together when oftentimes the exact opposite can be true. That man feeding pigeons who looks homeless? He could be a millionaire! There’s just no way of knowing for sure based on sight alone.

However, we shouldn’t make snap judgements about anyone based solely on how they look or on their living situation. When we make assumptions without having all of the necessary information, we can make huge mistakes. It’s important never to be blinded by prejudice.

Nicole Barr is just 13 years-old, but she just may well be the smartest person you will ever read about. When you hear about her day to day life it will change the way you see people like Nicole forever.

Nicole Barr might be just 13-years-old, but on paper this little girl has more in common with the likes of Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking than she does with the other girls her age. At the behest of her father, Nicole agreed to take the MENSA IQ test. 


According to Mensa, the average adult has an IQ of 100.  A score of above 140 is considered to be that of a genius. Nicole entered the first percentile with a perfect score of 162! Look out universe, Nicole is coming for you and she’s a superstar! 


Being a perfect genius is not the only thing that distinguishes Nicole Barr from the rest of her peers. In addition to being so naturally intelligent, Nicole comes from a family of Roma Travelers, otherwise known as Gypsies. This has led to a patchy education for her…until this test! 


Nicole Barr lives with her family inside of this humble trailer, moving from town to town as is the traditional way for the Roma. However, everything is changing for Nicole now that her perfect Mensa score is making news all across the globe! 


The news of her remarkable achievement earned her the attention of Burnt Hill Academy in the UK, where Nicole is now enrolled. She is passionate about singing and drama and has dreams of one day attending Oxford University once she’s done with her high school studies.