2016 wasn’t all bad, actually it was pretty good!

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Many people mark 2016 as one of the worst, and yes, there was a lot of tragedy and sadness. But, there was an equal amount of good to come from 2016. Humanity seems to be progressing towards a brighter future, despite some setbacks. below is a list of some of the good that happened in 2016.

An Ebola Vaccine has been created

Child Mortality Rates have dropped globally

a 9% increase in survival pancreatic cancer sufferers

ALS Gene Discovered

Volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in a 24 hour period

suicide rates are down globally

The Ozone layer is showing signs of repairing itself

Humpback Whales, Colombian white-tailed deer, Green Sea Turtles, Pandas and Manatees are off of the endangered list

a solar powered plane did a global trip

global malaria down 60%

Measels completely eradicated from the Americas

93% of World’s Children can read and write – the Highest percentage in Human History

China plans to be completely renewable by 2020, and has a global plan by 2050

Huge global push in renewable energy

Human’s working to colonize another planet for the first time in Human history (Mars)

Norway committed 0 deforestation

Wild Wolves back in Europe

Every major grocery store and fast food chain pledged to use only cage free eggs by 2025

Wild tigers number up for the first time in 100 years

Sea World no longer breeding captive Orcas

Wild Salmon spawning in the Connecticut River for the first time since the American Revolution

Global Aid is up 7%

America’s most generous year in charity and aid

China’s most generous year in charity and aid (over $15 Billion)