35 Strange Thoughts to Walk into 2017 With

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All races are equal, not all cultures are.

“The biggest communication problem is we don’t listen to understand, we listen to reply.”

Time – Time doesn’t exist, clocks exist. Time is just an agreed upon construct. We have taken a distance (one rotation of the Earth, and one orbit of the Sun), divided it up into segments, then given those segments labels. While it does have its uses, we have been programmed to live our lives by this construct as if it were real.

How many potential “Einsteins” were never discovered because they were forced to prioritize their economic needs over their creative capabilities?

You cannot change the volume of the voice in your head (I know you just tried)

“Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter” – African Proverb

There will come a time in the future when your name is said for the last time

There was a time, in your distant past, when your parent put you down for the last time and never picked you up again.

People change for two reasons: either their mind has been opened or their heart has been broken.

There is some sort of force around us that we should trust. In Religion it’s called spirits, in Science it’s called energy, in the streets it’s called vibes.

True Equality is about giving everyone equal changes, not equal results.

A truly successful marriage, tragically, ends with watching the other person die.

In a strange way the point of life is to make as many people miss you and sad your gone, when it is over.

Always believe in yourself: Professionals built the Titanic, Amateurs built Google, Apple and Microsoft.

We are all the same age as the universe since Matter and never be created or destroyed.

Unfortunately, we were born too late to explore the Earth, and Born too early to explore space.

War is when you are told who the enemy is, Revolution is when you determine it yourself.

Legality is a matter of power, not justice: the Apartheid, the Holocaust, Slavery and colonialism were all considered legal.

If you are not at least a little ashamed of your country’s history, you don’t know your country’s history.

If you go to jail for tax evasion, you’re living off taxes as a result of not paying taxes.

The version of history that you were taught in school, was a heavily revised story to favor the agenda of your nation. It hides our crimes and creates patriotism.

All it takes is one bad day to drive one to lunacy.

the lawyer hopes you get in trouble, the doctor hopes you get sick, the police hope you become a criminal, the teacher hopes you are born stupid, the landlord hopes you can’t buy a house, the dentist hopes your teeth decay, the mechanic hopes your car breaks down, the coffin maker hopes you die. The only person that is rooting for you is the thief, he hopes you are prosperous in life.

if you programmed a robot to enforce all biblical laws, would you feel safe having one in your home?

“if others are putting in 40 hour work weeks, and you’re putting in 100 hour work weeks… you will achieve in 4 months what takes them a year to achieve” – Elon Musk

five minutes after birth, we are assigned a name, nationality, religion and sect. We are expected to spend the rest of our lives defending it.

Tangible money has no real value, humans are who assigned the value to it and there is nothing to back up this value.

Poverty isn’t caused by overpopulation but, terrible distribution of food and goods (we currently produce enough for approx. 20 billion people, and our population is only 8 billion)

Humans are the only creature on the planet that measure and worry about time.

Humans are the only creature on the planet that pays to be here.

If Akon can provide solar power for 600 million Africans in 1 year, what have the other charities been doing for the last five decades?

The Earth spent $1,735 Billion on war in 2012. According to Antiwar.com $135 Billion could have totally eradicated poverty.

We love flowers, and we pick them; we love trees, and we cut them down – it’s amazing that people wonder why we are all afraid of love.

If the entire World stopped spending money on the military for just 8 days, it could provide 12 years of free, quality education for every child on the planet.