A lot of American Cities Raising the Smoking Age to 21

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This last week, San Francisco, CA has passed legislation stating that after June 1, 2016, the legal age to purchase cigarettes, tobacco products and anything related to E-Cigarettes will be raised from 18 to 21. This is just one of over 100 other U.S. cities that have decided to raise this age for several reasons listed below.

The main reason that the institute of health and the center for disease control have pushed for this legislation is the very obvious and known risks of smoking cigarettes. Tobacco products have been linked to several serious health conditions including: heart disease, pulmonary diseases and several cancers.

The other reason that the legal age is being raised is to prevent high school students who turn 18 while still in school can be used as a conduit for providing, or even influencing, tobacco products to younger teenagers. By raising the age to 21, there would be no way that a student would still be in high school to provide for others.

Another important reason, would be that at 21 most students are away from the peer pressure of high school and able to make decisions that better influence their futures, without the “risk” of not looking cool.

And, arguably the most important reason for the raise, is that the human brain is still developing when someone is 18 – which is part of the reason the age limit for alcohol is 21 in most of the country. Outside influences, including: alcohol, drugs, diet and sleep all effect a still-developing brain, at age 18.