A University for Aspiring Pornographic Actors has Opened

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This school is like the one in the comic series X-men, except it is “XXX men.”

An Italian porn actor and director is starting an academy to teach aspiring adult film actors and actresses the tricks of the trade — and aptly names his training session “Porn University.”

Rocco Siffredi — nicknamed the “Italian Stallion” — will document his training in the reality show, “Universita del Porno,” to air in Italy, Perfil.com reports.

Classes will be in session on the set of “Siffredi Hard Academy,” in which the porn veteran will instruct a group of 21 hopefuls on different techniques and tactics on how to be a believeable porn actor on screen.

Siffredi — who has acted in over 1,300 adult movies — will conduct his classes during a two-week training session for the amateurs.

These students were selected from thousands of applicants who tried to earn a seat in Siffredi’s so-called school.

During the crash course, they will learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera and learn different strategies to improve their on-screen performances.

Siffredi told Italian media his training sessions will be unscripted and will strive to make the learning process as organic and authentic as possible.