Amazing Substitutes for Houses

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If you are trying to avoid renting and own a home, it is extremely difficult in this day and age. Some people try to go the route of building their own home but that too can be extremely expensive. There are several alternatives you can do to build your own home for cheaper than building it entirely from scratch; Of course, land, permits, utilities and several other things will still need to be added.

Storage Container House

There are literally thousands of shipping containers at every shipping yard in the world. You can find them nearby for a little over $1,000. And they vary in size so you can attach them together and stack them. In recent years, Shipping container homes have become quite popular for the adventurer and the out-of-the-box-thinkers. Of course, they require a lot of work to become fully inhabitable, they are a good start for a do-it-yourself house; they are sturdy, waterproof and secure.

Hobbit House

This house got it’s inspiration from the series “The Lord of the Rings.” This house is basically a mold that you cover in Earth and plants to act as insulation. The plants can also act as a garden so you can walk out your door and grab your home-grown, fresh food. This house is unique and relatively cheap if you want to live underground like your favorite hobbits.

Skydome Cabin

Skydome is a Russian company that firmly believes the house is the most important place in human life because it’s where decisions are made, children grow up and the place where our lives take place. We’re inclined to agree, but Skydome took it one step further by creating an entire line of Skydome Cabins designed to be stylish, durable and efficient. Each Skydome is dome shaped to provide better resistance to heat loss, additional strength, seismic resistance and energy resistance. It’s going to be hard to hang art in a domed structure like this, but with the amount of benefits the shape provides it’s a wonder more people haven’t designed something like this in the past.

Traincart Home

Railroad cars are big, heavy, and cumbersome. They’re notoriously hard to move into new locations off of their tracks, and because of their odd shape most people wouldn’t think of using them for anything else anyway. But in the spirit of recycling, green construction and shipping container homes, some enterprising people are recycling old train cars into homes, offices and even hotels. it’s relatively easy to do the conversion yourself, provided you have the resources to get the car to its new location. Cabooses seem to be the most popular choice for train car homes, but there are plenty of dining and sleeping cars being converted as well.

Pallet House

Pallets are everywhere, in fact you could probably go to a construction site or a warehouse and buy them for a few dollars a piece. These homes are the cheapest to build on this list and there are several designs and plans posted online. Pallets are made to hold several hundreds of pounds of material so they are definitely sturdy and durable.

Abandoned Missile Silotumblr_nicjurUV8a1qknkb7o1_500missile-silo-montage

Have you ever wanted to live like a bond villain? Well, there are several decommissioned underground missile silos that are for sale and convertable into your very own unique home/base. These houses are somewhat more expensive, compared to the rest on this list but they are also much larger.

Grain Silo
grain bin housenice-grain-bin-house

If you are looking for a more rural look, but don’t want the traditional ranch style home – why not convert an old grain silo into a unique, circular home? There is a lot of room and these are made to withstand all types of weather, while simultaneously, holding several tons of weight for long periods of times.