America’s Greatest Road Trip? You Decide

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Are you looking for a way to see the best nature porn this country has to offer? Take a ride down highway 89 and see six of America’s greatest national treasures along the way. That’s right, highway 89 is your quickest way into mother nature’s pants. Starting in the Northwest, you’ll travel south through Glacier National, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Bryce Canyon, Zion and The Grand Canyon. This can only mean one thing: ROAD TRIP!

Highway 89 is 1800 miles of road leading from the Canadian border, south to the US border with Mexico. Along the way, you will pass through 5 states – Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Arizona.

The mostly two-lane highway provides unobstructed views that are picturesque enough to be captured from the car while traveling, but I highly recommend you be a risk taker and actually spend a little time in the wilderness along the way. More than pissing behind a bush at least.

In all of our hustle and bustle to get things done each day, we rarely stop to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. It even permeates the architecture of the buildings downtown, for those clinging to city life. Reaching out to nature helps ground us and remind us how precious life really is.

Highway 89 offers a remarkable opportunity to visit and enjoy varying natural phenomenon and ecosystems, and if you stop to smell the roses, you might even enjoy the company of some locals with completely different traditions than you – such as Native Americans on one of the reservations you will pass.

Route 66 may get all the press, but Highway 89 suits me just fine!