Are you looking for an Internship? Here’s a few options to think about

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If you are looking for an internship this summer to kickstart an amazing career – here’s a few options that are definitely worth the time you spend there. These are some of the most sought after internships on the planet, and for obvious reasons, so you better read up and be willing to work hard. The list below only really talks about the perks of pay, but, look into some of the other perks you get if you somehow land these opportunities.

1 Apple
$6.7k/month+ $1k housing

amazon_logo_500500._V323939215_ Amazon
$6k/month+ benefits between $1.5k-$7.5k

Square,_Inc._logo.svg Square
$6.2k/month+ $6k benefits

Dropbox_logo_(September_2013).svg Dropbox
$6.3k/month+ $5k housing

salesforce_logo_detail Salesforce
$6.5k/month+ housing

yahoo_logo_large-100044514-large Yahoo
$6.5k/month+ $4.5 housing

$6.6/month+ $9k benefits

box Box
$6.7k/month+ $5k benefits

pandora_logo_blue Pandora
$6.9k/month+ $3k benefits

twilio Twilio
$6.9k/month+ $2k benefits

Stripe_logo,_revised_2014 Stripe
$7k/month+ housing

airbnb Airbnb
$7k/month+ housing+ Airbnb credit

GoldmanSachsGroup-Inc-logo Goldman Sachs
$7.1k/month+ $2.5k benefits

microsofts-logo-gets-a-makeover Microsoft
$7.2k/month+ $3k housing

oracle Oracle
$7.2k/month+ $7.5k housing

uber-logo-redesign Uber
$7.3k/month+ $3k benefits+Uber credit

yelp-2c Yelp
$7.3k/month+ $4.5k housing

Twitch_logo.svg Twitch
$7.4k/housing+ $10.5k housing

logo-hero LinkedIn
$7.5k/month+ housing

palantir-logo Palantir
$7.5k/month+ housing

groupon Groupon

Slack CMYK Slack

facebook_2015_logo_detail Facebook
$8k/month+ $3k benefits

Quora_logo.svg Quora
$8.3k/month+ $2k housing

twitter-social-network-icon-vector_652139 Twitter
$8.4k/month+ $6k benefits

6a00d83451b36c69e201761698e1ff970c-800wi Pinterest
$9k/month+ $1k relocation pay+ $3k housing

snapchat-logo-5 Snapchat
$10k/month+ $1.5k housing

twosigma Two Sigma
$10.4k/month+ $5k relocation pay+ $5k housing